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Topic: Any idea about what effect he is performing?
Message: Posted by: Upperstrange (May 21, 2020 06:03AM)
Hey guys! The video above is a performance by some Indian magician on YouTube celebrating his 100k subscribers (speaks "mostly" English)

Anyone got any idea of what effect that could possibly be? Any book that got something similar? I'm confused if he is using magician's choice on the piles or not. It just doesn't seem possible as they NEVER say their cards out loud and shuffle the whole deck themselves. Can't even spot any possible deck switch.

Message: Posted by: landmark (Jul 23, 2020 02:35PM)
Message: Posted by: Nev Blenk (Jul 24, 2020 03:43AM)
[quote]On Jul 23, 2020, landmark wrote:
1:44 [/quote]

Haha :)