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Topic: Augere 2.0
Message: Posted by: Jupiter47 (May 22, 2020 05:15AM)
Anyone still using Augere? I was one of the first people to get this app many years ago and have started playing around with again. MAN it is soooo good! The UI has been updated which is nice and the same great features are still there. Itís better than I remembered.

Hats off to you Myke and Salah for keeping this baby up and running. Itís the Facebook group still active? Tried to find it to no avail
Message: Posted by: Miraclemakers (Jun 3, 2020 12:46AM)
YES. The previous version always be my favorite, the new update is also great.....
Message: Posted by: Jupiter47 (Jun 3, 2020 05:14AM)
Whatís different? I thought that 2.0 was an improvement and not a different version