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Topic: I want to do stage magic!
Message: Posted by: big k (Jun 6, 2004 12:28AM)
I want to do stage magic. But I want to do large stage shows. Kind of like David Copperfield. So does any one have any ideas of books, videos etc. to build this kind of equipment? Now I know this type of thing is going to cost a lot of money but for this thread I can then get some ideas of what to get and do.


big k
Message: Posted by: Magixspinx (Jun 6, 2004 08:42AM)
Check out all the material of Rand Woodbury
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jun 6, 2004 09:03AM)
This question has been expressed many times on the Café. Just start reading the threads. It is all there for your information.

You do not give any idea of your current experiences with magic, or your abilities and taste in certain types of illusions. Therefore, I cannot advise/recommend anything further.

Ability to be able to purchase the material is the 1st step, but more importantly is your ablilities to follow thru and devote all your life, time and resources to your success.

You really do not need anything but a lot of money. Just purchase several illusions and hire 10 people to help. Get a theater and start rehearsing. You will need music as well as scripts.

Good Luck, hope to see you soon on the television.
Message: Posted by: indridcold (Jun 6, 2004 10:00AM)
A couple thou and a theater is all it takes!
Message: Posted by: The Wicked Mr. Grey (Jun 6, 2004 11:52AM)
Big k,

I too was in your position about 10 years ago. All I wanted was to be David Copperfield and do stuff like him. But I was about 10 years old then... so buying many cool large illusions was a little out of the question for me. Here's my two cents on the whole 'Let's be an illusionist' issue. (Don't take this the wrong way, and try not to be offended. I just say this because a lot of people don't realise what it's really like being an illusionist and you give no indication as to your experience so I can't know what you know, etc.)

Anyway, I think that before purchasing many illusions, spend money on video's of illusionists performing. Or go to their shows. See what is going on in terms of EVERYTHING. Lighting, music, blocking, assistants, stage presence, etc. Remember in this business, VERY LITTLE is left to chance. Everything is rehearsed. Then go out and buy books on illusion plans, learn theory, concepts, practical applications... and then go and look at more illusionists performing with your new knowledge. I think that it's important that you allow yourself to be a layman BEFORE you are an illusionist. That's SO important. Because as a magician you'll think, "Oh that is so cool..." but when lay people see it, they won't be mystified, impressed, or even confused. Merely puzzled. And a puzzled audience is generally the sign of a weak magician while a mystified, impressed, puzzled and TOUCHED audience is the sign of a very strong showman.

Next you have to understand that just buying illusions doesn't make you an illusionist. I believe in the theory that says that the props are not the magic; the magic happens in the story, the words that are spoken, the mindset that is created by the illusionist; the props are merely a tool to help achieve the magic. They are nothing more than the 'physical manifestation' of words. So purchasing illusions is great, but you ahve to know what you'll do with them. How they'll play to an audience. Look at Copperfield or Henning or Blackstone: sure they have great effects but when you leave the theater, you don't often say, 'oh that was clever' but 'wow that was magical.' Ever stop and think why?

And lastly, you have to understand that this is a gruelling business. You truly have to be outstanding to be very successful. And you have to truly love it. And have the presence of mind for it. I think that a good rule of thumb is this: You see an effect and your amazed and feel as if magic has taken place. You learn the effect and can now do it. IF you're no longer amazed by the effect as you do it, then generally, this life might not be for you. And I'm not talking about just ONE effect, I'm talking about a general trend when doing your effects. For me, out of every ten effects that I know how to do, one or two don't really mystify me anymore. They don't give me that excited feeling of magic as I watch myself performing them. BUT, the other eight do. That's something to think about..... I think.....

Dorian Grey
Message: Posted by: big k (Jun 6, 2004 12:24PM)
Thanks for the information guys. Now about the music I suppose its best to get permission to use the music for my stage shows am I correct?


big k
Message: Posted by: The Donster (Jun 6, 2004 12:45PM)
Music can be a big Issue you might want to look into Royalty FREE Music as well. Don,
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Jun 6, 2004 01:45PM)
Big K, has lost interest already. No comment, just lets get to the next part. He must be late for Broadway.

I think we are wasting our time and engery on this Big K.

He refuses to search for any answers. Doesn't acknowledge good advice. Refuses to explain when ask a question.

No more from me!
Message: Posted by: big k (Jun 6, 2004 02:31PM)
Whoa! what? You got to give me a chance and look this stuff up. And all I did was ask a simple question and I didn't even say I lost interest.

big k
Message: Posted by: spkrosky (Jun 6, 2004 04:20PM)
Big K,
Carry on dude, and ignore the "downers" that come from certain individuals on the Café. Stage magic takes a lot of time, energy, and will to succeed. Lots of good material is on the Café, and I'm sure you will find much help here. Good Luck.

(Thought I'd just post a word of encouragement to offset those words of DIS-couragement from others.)
Message: Posted by: big k (Jun 6, 2004 04:36PM)
Thank you for the support spkrosky.

big k
Message: Posted by: Darcy (Jun 6, 2004 05:03PM)
Big K, one thing to keep in mind may be the venues that you are going to be performing in. No on can start out immediatly at the David Copperfield level, so it is important to look at where you will be performing. I know from past experience that I have baught of built an illusion only to find that it is extremely difficult if not next to immpossible to performe it at my usual venues. Just a thought.

Message: Posted by: Farrell (Jun 7, 2004 04:29AM)
WOW I can't believe what I read on these posts sometimes. I truly Believe that all Magicians should help eachother. I like to Help. I like to give ideas and teach principles and things I'v learned. but when I see people of a past generation trying to Down the kids of a new generation of magicians it really irritates me. I think all magicians have things to learn from eachother. but I think people who post here thousands of times probably don't work and therefore most of their input is assumption and hearsay. I would suggest to you, BIGK, read some steinmeyer books. Magic of ALAN WAKELING and Device and Illusion. are reccomended. And even more important dream Big. if you don't nothing will ever happen for you. magic is dreams. if you can dream it you can accomplish it. I think somepeople are jealous of youth and skill. but don't let them dictate the magician you will become. Illusions if you want to go into them, are just like any other type of magic. it takes knowledge skill and creativity. also it will take some money. but that's what you have to work out. I can't tell you where to get the money. but here's a thought. you only need seriously 3 illusions Broom Suspension, Sword basket and Sub trunk. start with these 3. Research them. save up and buy or make them. and perform them along with 25 minutes of great speaking material and you've got an illusion show. then from there build on and when you can build up and buy a zig zag or a Kub zag and so on and so on. then one day you'll find a financial backer and have the show of your dreams. but ll ou can do now is start. so read and enjoy. it's magic. it's fun it allows us all freedom to dream. and to those who don't offer encouragement... just don't offer anything.
Message: Posted by: dsilverfield (Jun 7, 2004 05:14AM)
Read Read and Read and then Watch Watch and Watch {videos} and watch not with the intention to copy their act but to understand the need for presentation. Start with simple Illusions. If you havent been onstage, I would suggest that you start doing smaller stage shows at least to get a feel. Use a lot of manipulation magic here. Then buy Garry Darwin's inexpensive illusions or Mark Wilsons book. Start working routines out with these. To go out and buy from big names is fine but you should do the creations justice.
Find a Purpose, the means will follow.
Stick to the purpose and success will follow.
Best of luck and feel free to P.M me if you need any sugesstions and don't bother about people who discourage.
Message: Posted by: magia355 (Jun 7, 2004 06:34AM)
Follow you dreams, and make them reality. Read, look at other's perform their Grand Illusions and then determine what is your style. One thing, if you decide to built your own illusions, make sure that they are top quality. Craftmanship. I have seen Magicians imitate an effect that is a disgrace to others, and takes away from the effect. If you are not an craftsman, cabinetmaker, woodworker, then pay somebody that knows what they are doing, or go to web sites like magicauction.com that sell illusions of all types for a lesser cost. When it comes to music, look into royalty free music or have your own composed. Some Television programs will not authorize your performance with music that you may not be authorized to perform. Royalty free music is the way to go. But anyway, good luck.
Message: Posted by: what the...? (Jun 10, 2004 08:08PM)
Great points Mindfreak and Farrel! I too am wanting to do stage magic. I am only 16, and got a job a few months ago. I would recomend Andrew Mayne's stuff. It's cheap, easy to make, and amazing. I am in the same situation as you Big K. I will start doing parties and stuff soon, and am going to the Magic Corner tomarrow for some illusions that can be proformed parlor, or stage. I have some great plans for making a funny show that I could do for a friends party, etc.