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Topic: Thumbcuffs - A Compilation
Message: Posted by: SethHoward (Jun 4, 2020 04:14PM)
Here is a new review of my book, Thumbcuffs - A Compilation in this month's TheChainletter over at https://cliffg37.wixsite.com/tiesociety by CliffG.
If you are into escapes or just have some curiosity, I recommend visiting https://cliffg37.wixsite.com/tiesociety. Lots of great articles and information!

"I read Seth Howard’s book with the specific intention to write a review here for The Chainletter. Seth’s book is exactly what he says it is, a compilation. While this book may be better suited to the beginner and rank amateur, I think the well seasoned professional may enjoy it too. What is in the book? Well, everything thumbcuffs. In this book you will learn about the origin of thumbcuffs, and see some of the early patents. For any escape artist history fan, this section will be both interesting and educational.

Obviously, you will see how to do the basic thumbcuff escape. Beyond that are a fine set of instructions on how to make and use your own gimmicked thumbcuffs. This is a skill that requires both the proper tools as well as patience and practice.

Now Seth gets into the meat of the book. He offers up five different routines that can be done using thumbcuffs. None are all that difficult and depending on the skill and charisma of the performer, all are very workable. Included are two more routines, one from Stuart Burrell and one from Tony Parisi. All are excellent.

The book ends with two appendices. First is pictures and verbiage from the thumbcuff patents, and second is a compilation of 18 photos of different types and brands of thumbcuffs from the Joe Lauher collection.

The book is a little bit pricey, but like all magic, expensive is cheap if you use it.

I recommend this book for beginners, and professionals looking for some more information.

You can reach him at http://sethhowardmagic.com"

Good job Seth.