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Topic: Recent Magic4less experiences
Message: Posted by: psychod (Jun 10, 2020 09:15PM)
I looked around and saw that there were some concerns regarding this dealer but those issues seemed to be quite a while ago. I ordered something from them a week ago and when I look at their site, it says my order is pending. This message occurred as soon as I placed my order. However, I've had no contact with them. I was interested by their 30% off sale and I'm hoping that they just have slow shipping and/or don't update their site. All of the items I bought were listed as being in stock so that shouldn't be the issue. Just wondering if any other people have had any recent experiences with them. I know that a week isn't particularly long but from just about any other shop, I've always received at least an e-mail letting me know that the package has shipped or an item is out of stock, or whatever (in fact, with a few-notably Hocus Pocus and Penguin) I've received my items in less than a week!

Message: Posted by: psychod (Jun 13, 2020 09:27AM)
Well, I'm starting to get a bit discouraged. I contacted the company a few days ago on their website and did not hear back. Yesterday, I called them and asked them to call me but haven't heard back...yet. I'm hoping that there will be a happy resolution to this situation but I will let the rest of you know what happens. I do understand that there's still plenty of time for me to receive my magic and there may be a perfectly good explanation for what's going on but I'm not real happy about the lack of communication!

Message: Posted by: psychod (Jun 15, 2020 02:23PM)
Well, I just sent another contact message to the site. It was indicated that the message was successfully sent. Hopefully, I will hear something relatively soon. It's now 12 days since I initially placed the order and while the site indicates that the order was received, no other information has been sent although the site continues to list my order as "pending".
Message: Posted by: David Todd (Jun 18, 2020 10:32AM)
Thanks for the heads up about Magic4Less . I hope your order is resolved and you get your items soon.

I'm always astounded (not in a good way) when I read about this kind of poor customer service. These type of stores may soon be out of business if they don't realize how their actions alienate customers.

I used to make a point to try to spread my business around between various dealers , to try to support magic shops (especially the ones who are also brick & mortar shops), but I'm getting to the point now where I'm fed up with dealers who don't seem to understand how business works in the modern internet era, so if I have to go through the hassle of my emails not being answered, my order delayed and no explanation given, no communication when my order has been shipped (and they don't send me the tracking number) it just makes me want to stick with those dealers who are reliable in my experience, such as Penguin Magic or Hocus Pocus.
Message: Posted by: psychod (Jun 20, 2020 09:33AM)
I want to add that a couple of days ago, I received a notice that my order has been shipped. Hopefully, the order will arrive soon and I will let everyone know as to whether or not the order was complete, etc.

Have a good day, Dave
Message: Posted by: psychod (Jun 20, 2020 01:53PM)
Well, I've got a happy ending to the story. The package from Magic4less arrived in today's mail. The items were packed carefully and everything that I ordered arrived in fine shape. Overall, I was pleased with the price I received but the lack of communication was a bit of a drag and it did take a while from the time that the order was placed until the item was shipped. However, if you don't mind waiting a couple of weeks, you may find this shop works for you!

Stay healthy,