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Topic: Forgotten trick - help a failing memory.
Message: Posted by: cuchullain (Jun 12, 2020 10:21AM)
I have been driven to distraction trying to track down my notes for a trick I performed last year. I used it as an over the phone card selection that I later revealed in person after a "do as I do" presentation. I suspect it uses the "Smith Myth" principle, but I forget the details.
What I remember: the Spec has "about half a shuffled deck" , somehow has a card selected and they end up with two piles - a smaller pile and the larger pile. I then have them call out the cards by dealing them to the table from the larger pile - I write these down in the order called out. After a while and before they are completely through, I say "Are you dealing from the larger pile? - I wanted you to deal from the smaller pile. They repeat the process - to the end - from the smaller pile. I think I also write these cards down. Somehow from the two lists I discern their card (Maybe if the smaller pile has 7 cards then their card is 7th in the big pile list) I have tried to reconstruct the workings, but have not come up with anything that is not obvious. If this rings a bell with anyone I would appreciate the help - Thanks
Message: Posted by: jimgerrish (Jun 12, 2020 10:31AM)
Some tricks are better forgotten, as methods have changed and improved over the years. That sounds like a complicated mathematical trick and will appear so to the spectator and an audience as well. You should be striving for a magical effect. Example: call a spectator that you know who is coming to your show. have him choose a card from his own deck of cards and seal it in an envelope to bring to the show. Have him tell the audience that he chose the card that is sealed in an envelope sticking up out of his pocket (or someplace like that). Pick up your own deck of cards and search through it, finally coming up with one card which is removed, back to everyone. He opens his envelope and on the count of three you both turns your cards around and show that both cards match. Easier and no math involved, just (card) magic.
Message: Posted by: cuchullain (Jun 12, 2020 11:33AM)
Thank You - that is very valid and sound advice. My method is a bit obvious!. The trick was written as a purely over the phone effect and I tried to use incorporate it into another trick. Likely overkill.
My post was partly about about resurrecting the trick, but mainly about finding out what it was called so I would stop the frustration of occasionally being pre-occupied trying to remember it!