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Topic: The July 2020 Issue of Genii Is Now Out!
Message: Posted by: Richard Kaufman (Jun 20, 2020 11:07AM)

Start reading Genii immediately with a digital subscription for only $35 worldwide. Not only do you get 12 new issues a year, but all of Genii’s back issues going back to 1936, and all 300 back issues of MAGIC magazine, come with your subscription. www.geniimagazine.com.

This issue our cover story deals with one under-represented group in our field, female magicians. In this case, Ms. Krystyn Lambert who, while young, has spent a great deal of time as an award-winning amateur and professional. She has been reinventing herself along the way, both because of growing up and, once an adult, out of necessity. It’s been a tough road and she doesn’t sugar coat it. It should come as no surprise to anyone that there have been many more barriers for female magicians to overcome than male magicians. When I walked into a room at age 25 no one was making remarks about my figure. David Regal interviews Krystyn and tells us where she’s been, and where she’s going.

One of the titans in our field, Roy Horn, died as we went to press last month, and in this issue he will get the send off he deserves. Written by Jim Steinmeyer and supplemented with many photos of Roy’s life art directed with great care by my wife, I hope it is a fitting tribute.

Some people have their ducks in a row—Genii has its columnists in a row: Bannon, Caveney, Lambert, Hannibal, Racherbaumer, with Jonathan Friedman manning “Magicana,” Libby Ward doing “Knights at The Magic Castle,” and Chloe Olewitz knocking out “The Eye.” Tricks, Books, and Videos are reviewed by Regal, Terral, and Marsh.