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Topic: Close-up pad for beginner
Message: Posted by: Emillors (Aug 4, 2020 04:39AM)

First of all, I'm gonna say, that I'm a bit new to magic.

I have the last months worked with just a normal close-up pad, I bought in my magic shop.
But, so often I see people have this amazing and beautiful close-up pads there are in the high prices imo.

What I just wanted to ask, is: Do you think I'm as a beginner already should go out and buy one of those. Are they better to practice on than the ones from Murphy's Magic?
And the one pad I have looked on, are the V&B Deluxe pad with the classic green microfiber.

So all in all, my question is just, do you think I need one now, and if you do, do you think the V&B is great for the high price?

Hope somebody at the Café can help me! :)
Best Regards Emil
Message: Posted by: drmagic (Aug 5, 2020 04:29PM)
Emil - one of the best pads for the money is the TCC suede leather pad - https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/13368

It comes in three different sizes and four different colors. Just make sure you chose the right size for what type of magic you will be performing. For quality and price, it's a great starting place.

Hope that helps.
Message: Posted by: Nev Blenk (Aug 7, 2020 03:05AM)
The Murphy's pads are excellent value and are perfectly ok. I have a large deluxe version. They can be rolled up and carried around without the worry of carrying something super expensive.

The VDF and magicians choice (ronjo) pads are softer with more 'give' than the murphy's pads. I do a lot of coin magic so prefer a softer pad. I have both a vdf and ronjo pad also. Both a good quality and can be rolled up and carried around. I use these at my practice table.

I don't own a V&B or any of the super deluxe hand made pads but they do look fantastic. I would be frightened of spilling my coffee while practicing :)

I guess its down to what you want to spend but I do recommend a cheap pad to carry around. I regulary (but not at the moment) perform for friends at my local coffee shop and my cheap murphys pad gets covered in all sorts of gunk.

Good luck and welcome to the Café