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Topic: Magic Review - Deliberation by Apollo Riego
Message: Posted by: DavidKenney (Aug 5, 2020 04:17PM)
I received this in exchange for a fair and honest review


Deliberation is an incredible utility device first published by Thomas Henry and has been rediscovered by Apollo Riego. Force or obtain information from a sealed envelope without the use of any specials markings, magnets or sven methods. Deliberation includes 60 envelopes, over 60 minutes of detailed video instructions including 5 full routines that have been performed and tested by Apollo Riego for over 10 years!

Deliberation can be used for ANY performance situations whether it's close up or stage!

Oh and by the way, you can be completely surrounded!

"He's one of the best! It's going to be epic!" -Damien Aditya

"I've never seen someone do that with razor blades in exactly that fashion. Very cool!" -Joshua Jay

"All in all, this is a top-notch product which I endorse." -Richard Osterlind

Message: Posted by: garyogden1957 (Aug 20, 2020 04:49AM)
"GET YOURS TODAY"!!! Yes where from in the U.K.? If I got this from Penguin it would cost me $25 postage!
Message: Posted by: Thomas Henry (Aug 30, 2020 03:09AM)
Hi Gang,

If you step downstairs, you'll find some astrology ideas I've come up with for the [i]Deliberation[/i] envelopes.


Thomas Henry
Message: Posted by: Tony Montuori (Dec 12, 2020 04:07PM)
Thanks David, I've purchased this based on your review. I'll follow up with a post once I've had a chance to digest.


Message: Posted by: afuoco (Dec 14, 2020 03:19PM)
Will a bicycle poker card fit inside these envelopes?
Message: Posted by: takeachance (Dec 16, 2020 06:49PM)
[quote]On Dec 14, 2020, afuoco wrote:
Will a bicycle poker card fit inside these envelopes? [/quote]

It doesn't look like it. Judging from the review it is just too small in width
Message: Posted by: Tony Montuori (Dec 20, 2020 03:25PM)
While I currently do not plan to use this I find the method for the main effect very clean. My only complaint is that the video instructions are not downloadable. I like to have all of my instruction videos in a file on my computer desktop and on my phone so that I can review them regardless of where I am. Three and one-half stars.


Message: Posted by: takeachance (Dec 21, 2020 03:03PM)
Are these gimmick envelopes reuseable?
Message: Posted by: Tony Montuori (Dec 21, 2020 04:58PM)
Depending on the routine you can reuse them. As far as the razor blade effect goes, no, you cannot. The method is very clever and as someone that wants to touch items as little as possible during performance this certainly fits the bill. The reason I won't add it to my show is that it has a similar working to something else that I perform. The effect itself is strong and when played well (as on the video) it is a powerful piece.


Message: Posted by: takeachance (Dec 21, 2020 05:51PM)
Thanks for the reply. I'm more interested in the serial bill routine, could you reuse them in that Tony?
Message: Posted by: Tony Montuori (Dec 22, 2020 06:35AM)
Yes, I believe you can. You would need to pick-up a restickable glue stick but I believe that will work. Of course, at some point the envelopes will have to be replaced as they start to show the wear and tear of usage.


Message: Posted by: takeachance (Dec 22, 2020 02:02PM)
Thanks Tony, appreciated