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Topic: Insanely Limited!
Message: Posted by: Special this week... (Aug 14, 2020 08:38PM)
Hey gang,

These are so [i]exclusive[/i] that most [i]Murphy's Dealers[/i] don't even have them - seriously!

Check out where you can get them below because I know they are hard to find!

[*]Custom Cherry Tuck.
[*]Only 500 printed.
[*]Custom Numbered Seal.
(Have I got your attention yet?)

NOTE: [b]Be one of the FEW that can truly complete their Cherry Playing Card collection[/b].

[url=https://www.murphysmagic.com/product.aspx?id=67050 ]Cherry Casino House Deck Playing Cards (Tahoe Blue)[/url] are reserved EXCLUSIVELY for 500 of the Cherry Casino's most ELITE friends.

There will be NO reprints.

Each metallic blue tuck has been meticulously affixed with a SPECIALLY DESIGNED Cherry Casino custom NUMBERED seal and embossed cherries on the inner tuck flaps.

Inside, the [b]Cherry Casino Tahoe Blue Playing Cards[/b] are everything you have come to expect from the line.
Thin crushed Bee stock from the U.S. Playing Card Company to ensure that smooth yet snappy feel. (Only the best will do.)

Buy them NOW, before these exclusive retailers run out!

[url=https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/playing-cards/cherry-casino-house-deck-tahoe-blue-playing-cards/]Vanishing Inc.[/url]

[url=https://hocus-pocus.com/magicshop/index.cfm?p=64655]Hocus Pocus[/url]