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Topic: Cut and restored in spectator's hands
Message: Posted by: countrymaven (Aug 15, 2020 10:16PM)
I am going to do a miracle. let the speculator cut a rope in their own hands into two. they put them in their hands and they open it and it is one rope. what is that one called?
Message: Posted by: funsway (Aug 16, 2020 01:47PM)
Do they use scissors or a knife? Each approach has a different name and method.
Message: Posted by: Mac_Stone (Aug 20, 2020 08:13PM)
Mac King's Other Rope Routine.
Message: Posted by: countrymaven (Aug 22, 2020 10:50PM)
No I mEAN almost completely in their hands. I don't want Mcdonalds magic. I want a real miracle. Let's work on it.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Aug 23, 2020 03:49AM)
I have several methods in mind as I have done this in the past.

You did not answer my first questions, so I will ask another three

Is this to be a stand-alone effect, or performed in combination with other rope effects?

Does your "almost completely in their hands" mean the reveal of the restoration is in their hands, or the cutting, or both?

Can two spectators be involved as in one holding the rope while the other cuts?
Message: Posted by: countrymaven (Aug 23, 2020 10:42AM)
Thanks Funsway. I was asking for a great mind to chime in. It should be able to be a stand alone effect.
Maybe the cutting could be done while the magician holds the rope to "protect the spectator." From cutting risks. But this would have to allow the spectators to find the middle, etc, and to make it seem impossible that anything has changed. Then handing it back to their hands. Let's figure out a version with one spectator. You could always add the second one.

The reason for doing this is that spectators intuitively know that when a magician is handling cards, ropes, etc., that they are in control of the props. IF the magician merely steps in a tiny bit to help, it would seem much more miraculous. So I am looking for what would seem like a miracle in the spec's mind.

I already thought of one thing. When you offer to hold the rope, to avoid any danger from cutting to them, you have an extra piece in a TT, that you instantly bring out. They cut it.... But I want to add that impossible element. LIke when I hand them the rope they can still see the two pieces that were cut, before gently folding them into the rolled up ends.... I think I figured out a way to do that.

Thanks so much. because truly great magic miracles often start with asking How could it be?
Message: Posted by: Frank Yuen (Aug 23, 2020 04:02PM)
The spectator can cut the rope in the Bill Neff Rope Trick, should be able to figure out a way to hand the rope back to the spectator for the restoration.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Aug 23, 2020 04:20PM)
We are offering too much in an open forum, methinks, but then ...

I wonder if one day youTube inspired magician wantabes ever check this forum.

In general postulation, such a miracle would require:
an illusion of a cut that does not happen,
or an illusion of a restoration happening now that occurred before,
or a story told after of events other than what transpired,
an illusion for the audience based on the spectator as witness, and ...

many years ago I performed a rope routine called "Necklacy" that includes many different C&R, and "on the fly" cut for PN,
the rope used with different objects originally hanging from the necklace-like rope loop, etc. Think "soap on a rope" on steroids.

A year later a person who had seen this commented on the amazing part where one spectator had cut the rope and other spectator had restored it.
Never happened, but that is what was remembered and was "must be magic." I lie here trying to recall what combination of events produced that memory.

More later, but we may have to shift downunder
Message: Posted by: funsway (Aug 23, 2020 04:53PM)
An immediate thought for having a spectator involved is very long rope.

You loop the shown ends together and hold up the loop that is so far away you can't reach it with scissors in your other hand.
So, you hand the scissors to a spectator and have then cut it. The rope ends drag on the floor,
so you have them pick them up and tie together while you tie you ends together. (Do as I do)

You now have two shown separate ropes tied together with two knots. Later, you each cut away your knots (more do as I do)
and yours ends are separate but his are restored as a surprise to everyone - and you have to start all over.

Obviously, this uses the old ploy where the center he cuts is really the ends and the ends you show separate is the middle -
and the secret is how to show the fake ends separate and apart when they are not. I can do that.

Also years ago, MagicIan (Garrision) and I discussed many ways to show the apparently cut ends separate and distant and came up with five effective ways to do it.
He already used one method in a walking knot effect, but changed to a new method we devised together.

It involves a "figure-eight hand change illusion" that would have the audience claim you were holding the rope ends a foot apart when the spectator was cutting the center of the rope.

I'll think on this some more.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Aug 24, 2020 03:39AM)
After sleeping on it - actually not much sleep thanks to you ;)
I have something better.

There are three critical part to make this be astonishing:

Having the spectator make the cut,
showing the two segments to be separate after the cut,
and having the reveal of the restoration be in their hands.

also, any handling by the performer is minimal and dismissed by the audience in memory because of psychological ploys,
and there should be some logic as to why the rope, why cut is made and the restoration too.

Long scissors are essential as waving them about captivates attention, perhaps because they hope you will stab yourself.
The act as a wand for misdirection and masking, while providing a reason for the assistant and changing hands.

You wave a letter form a friend in "Paris?" describing a new magic trick he enjoyed. You start to read, "You will need a length of rope thee feet long."
You set the letter aside and hold up a coil of rope from which you unwind about five feet. Grab a pair of scissors.
Using the scissors, pinch the rope at three feet and start to cut, but stop. "Oops, it will fall on the floor. I need some help."
Have a person on you left side stand up and hand him? the scissors.
Hold up the rope with the desired cut point between your extended hands about 8" apart. Shift the center back and forth to get the best length.
Have him cut the rope in the center of your hands. Display both sections to be separate, allowing the coil end to drop showing one piece longer than the other.
"Hmmm, which piece will be better? Please hold these so that I can view from a distance. Better check the instructions."
Take back the scissors and have him hold the two pieces up side by side in one hand.
"Oh no!' You cry. "He says I need a second piece the same length."
The spectator hold the two pieces high so that you can cut off the bottom of one to match. You now hold scissors and a short piece - he hold two of equal length.

You look at the letter again. "Yikes, I should have read the entire thing! He says I need a third piece two." Look very perplexed.

"I know, a bit of magic will help. Place your hands over those short pieces and rub. No, large actions like rubbing washing your hands."
As he does this you stand back holding the scissors in one hand and your silly short piece in the other.

He stops rubbing and opens his hands to reveal one long piece of rope! You then proceed with some other rope effect, tossing the letter aside.

The sleights and sneaky stuff cannot be explained here, of course. Start again is Secret Sessions or write me ken@eversway.com
Message: Posted by: countrymaven (Aug 25, 2020 08:49PM)
Thanks Ken you are one of the true treasures of the Magic Café. Magic can really happen if you apply your mind to it and let your subconscious do the rest. Thanks I will get in touch I can already think of a solution. Thanks my friend.
Message: Posted by: John Long (Sep 14, 2020 06:29AM)
I'm late to the "show", but..

Check out U.F. Grant's Spectator rope trick (Ency of Rope, p120)

"the magician sits in the audience and directs a spectator on the stage."

The spectator does the cut and the restore, all while the magician sits in with audience, and just gives him instructions.

Message: Posted by: Wez_Evans (Sep 27, 2020 11:02AM)
A second for mac kings other rope routine.
Available in his lecture notes 2.0

He does it as a kind of do as I do, thatakes the spec the hero (as they successfully cut and restore)
Message: Posted by: thomasR (Sep 27, 2020 11:55PM)
[quote]On Sep 27, 2020, Wez_Evans wrote:
A second for mac kings other rope routine.
Available in his lecture notes 2.0

He does it as a kind of do as I do, thatakes the spec the hero (as they successfully cut and restore) [/quote]

I’ll third this and also mention that Mac King also teaches this on his Penguin Lecture. Rope wise he also teaches some nice additions to professors nightmare.
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (Sep 28, 2020 12:36PM)
Mac King's website store says he is not selling his lecture notes do to Coronavirus aka Covid-19.