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Topic: Royal Road To Card Magic
Message: Posted by: Alastair_Webb (Jun 8, 2004 02:44PM)
Being a almost beginner in magic I have noticed that many people are keen on this book. I would like to know what this book contains, I know there are sleights, but are there effects and routines?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Message: Posted by: maylor (Jun 8, 2004 03:58PM)
There are loads of effects. The book takes you through various sleights and then teaches you effects that you can use those sleights in.

The book also has a great chapter on routining - which is definately very useful.

The book is great - buy it for sure!!
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Jun 8, 2004 04:39PM)
This book has earned its acclaim for a reason. And besides, it's cheap! You can't lose with this puppy.
Message: Posted by: tyrael07 (Jun 8, 2004 05:11PM)
Card college 1-5 or RRTCM?
Which one do you guys think is better?
Message: Posted by: ninjaduffy (Jun 8, 2004 05:19PM)
Rrtcm first. without a doubt
Message: Posted by: Niko (Jun 8, 2004 05:20PM)
Card College, but if you are just getting into magic, get RRTCM as a tatser. If you like get the real stuff.
Message: Posted by: tyrael07 (Jun 8, 2004 11:21PM)
Ok thanks ;)
Message: Posted by: Jonatan B (Jun 8, 2004 11:33PM)
Yup! Royal road has IMO stronger effects but Card College teach you the "perfect" sleights, therefore for newbies and those who want a cheap and good alternative - go with RR.
Message: Posted by: TerryLam (Jun 9, 2004 03:45AM)
I recommend Card College Vol.1 to learn the basic of card sleights. The explanation is well done and the sleights inside contain a lot of modern refinement. A must have.
Message: Posted by: Fayaad Manie (Jun 9, 2004 04:06AM)
RRTCM is definitely the groundwork for anyone starting card magic.
Card College goes into fine detail on sleights and is very comprehensive.
Both highly recommended
Message: Posted by: Magicman8 (Jun 9, 2004 07:20AM)
Could I ask exacly how many volumes are there to Card College? I have only found four so far.

Message: Posted by: rden (Jun 9, 2004 07:53AM)
There are 5. I believe that the 5th is focused more on tricks and routines than the other 4 volumes.

For those on a budget, like me, you needn't get the complete set all at once. Volume 1 has been keeping me busy for quite a while, though I'm getting ready to dive into volume 2 so I can get my overhand lift shuffle and Elmsley count going.
Message: Posted by: Wayne Hackler (Jun 9, 2004 09:08AM)
I just recently purchased Royal Road to Card Magic and am thoroughly impressed by it. And it was a total bargain new at Border's books. At $11.95, it's a deal.
Message: Posted by: Alastair_Webb (Jun 9, 2004 09:49AM)
Thanks peeps! I think I will buy RRTCM next time I make an order. At penguin Magic they sell it for about $10 so I'm going to go there, it would appear that for that price it is a steal.
Message: Posted by: Reis O'Brien (Jun 9, 2004 10:30AM)
Good decision Alastair. You won't regret it!
Message: Posted by: Niko (Jun 9, 2004 01:03PM)
Amazon will sell it for a good price.
Have a look there.

Message: Posted by: Ustaad (Jun 9, 2004 02:05PM)
1. TLPP Magic CD No. 1 & 2. There are over 100 classic magic e-books for only $80.00 Post paid.

2. The Original Tarbell Course in Magic e-book for $38.50 (From TLPP) Post paid.

The above three CDs contain a grand repository of magic e-books (all classics of magic). You will never regret buying them. One in a life time investment!

For details go [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=67604&forum=2]HERE[/url]

Message: Posted by: Liam Jones (Jun 9, 2004 03:09PM)
This book has helped me a lot and to me it is a must have in your collection
Message: Posted by: tyrael07 (Jun 10, 2004 12:41AM)
If you want the e-book version, you can order from http://www.lybrary.com for US$5
no tax or shipping cost charged :)
Message: Posted by: craigtmccabe (Jun 10, 2004 05:17AM)
The Royal Road To Card Magic is the best book on card magic. It was the book that I started with as a youngster, and, (without wishing to sound arrogant) although my expertise with cards is now above the stuff featured in TRRTCM, I still refer back to the book from time to time.

A beginner should spend a year practising the stuff in Royal Road, and then move onto Expert Card Technique.
Message: Posted by: Richard Lucas (Jun 11, 2004 10:39AM)
There can never be enough said about the virtues of Royal Road, especially for a beginner. It is easy to understand and not convoluted.

I can only say one thing:.............FABULOUS!!
Message: Posted by: tyrael07 (Jun 11, 2004 06:14PM)
I still got a long way to go before I finish RRTCM..
Message: Posted by: Hans DeJong (Aug 13, 2004 09:32PM)
Although the RRTCM explains the essential sleights very well, I wasn't really impressed with the tricks. It is still a great reference guide.

Message: Posted by: dynamiteassasin (Aug 14, 2004 12:37AM)
This book is the bible in card magic.. :)
Message: Posted by: Duxx (Aug 16, 2004 10:22AM)
I have been learning card magic for over 10 yrs, on my own just learning from diffrent sources, I never picked up a book before, I have learned more from TRRTCM then I did working on my own, this is the real deal..... all bow to the Royal Road.

Message: Posted by: ninjaduffy (Aug 16, 2004 02:12PM)
By Opie Houston


1. Read the Preface and skim through the contents and whole book to get an idea of what a wonderful text this book is.....It is not just a beginner's primer; it is an advanced text.

NOTE: You should spend the first two weeks learning simply to handle a deck of cards, e.g., how to shuffle a deck of cards in a smooth manner.

2. Chapter I - Read all the instructions, with cards in hand, on how to do and use the Overhand Shuffle, through the false shuffles. DO NOT EVEN BOTHER about the "Tricks with the Overhand Shuffle" until you can smoothly execute the Overhand Shuffle and the Riffle Shuffle in Chapter II.

3. Chapter II - Read all the instructions, with cards in hand, on how to do and use the Riffle Shuffle, through the false shuffles. DO NOT EVEN BOTHER about the "Tricks with the Riffle Shuffle" until you can smoothly execute both the Overhand and Riffle Shuffles.

4. Learn and practice the tricks in Chapters I and II, only after you can handle a deck of cards.



NOTE: If you have not mastered Chapters I and II, you might want to continue practicing material in them until you have done so....Also notice that the following assignments skip many of the chapters.

1. Read Chapter XV, The Hindu Shuffle and Other Controls. Master this shuffle and its uses.

2. Read Chapter XVI, The Classic Force. Master this technique and its uses.


At the end of four weeks, you should have a working knowledge of and be able to do the following items with at least some skill:

1. Chapter I - Demonstrate a mastery of the Overhand Shuffle, as follows:

a. Top card from top to bottom and back.
b. A rapid smooth run of 10 to 12 cards.
c. An injog shuffle control.
d. Overhand False Shuffle.
e. Two tricks from the chapter.

2. Chapter II - Demonstrate a mastery of the Riffle Shuffle, as follows:

a. Control top and bottom stocks of cards.
b. Smooth shuffles at a table and in the air.
c. Two tricks from the chapter.

3.Chapter XV - Demonstrate a mastery of the Hindu Shuffle and its related controls, as follows:

a. Control of single and stock of cards.
b. Hindu Force.
c. Glimpse.
d. The Step.
e. Jog.
f. "All Change Here

4. Chapter XVI - Demonstrate a mastery of the Classic Force, as follows:

a. One-Hand Force.
b. Bottom Force.
c. Slide-Out Force.
d. Double-Life Force.
e. Cut Force.
f. A couple of force tricks.

NOTE: If you have mastered the items in the exercise above, you are among a very small minority of card magicians, because therein lies the basics of almost all the remaining card tricks you will ever do. Proceed to Weeks 5 and 6 lesson plan when you are ready....

1. Spend week 5 on Chapters III and XVII...Do not become frustrated with or hung up on the flourishes. Just play with them every day and they will come...But do work on the changes in Chapter XVII...The top change is deadly and its mastery will place you in the Card Man/Woman category faster than the cutesy flourishes...
2. Spend week 6 on Chapters IX, X, and XI...
Message: Posted by: ogami_itto (Aug 17, 2004 06:38AM)
Thanks for that ninjaduffy!

I've been jumping around trying different things in RRTCM for quite a while now, and dipping into card college V1 too. Must read one thing at a time!! :)

Now I think I will re-read it following that approach.


Message: Posted by: hukka (Aug 23, 2004 08:14PM)
I have been pleased with Robert Giobbi's Card College volume 1. It is very clearly written and illustrated hard cover book. First volume will keep any beginner like me occupied for a long time.

And on the price side: 30EUR (CC1) or 10EUR (RRTCM) gives a price difference of 20EUR. That's really nothing when you compare it to the hours you will spend learning. In the end you count cents per hour...

Think of your purchases as invesments to your hobby.
Message: Posted by: Mitchum (Sep 15, 2004 07:25PM)
You may want to check out Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic from the local library first (most libraries carry this title or can order it for you if they don't). Although it is not as in depth as RR, it is definitely a great place to start.
Message: Posted by: andre combrinck (Sep 16, 2004 12:37PM)
I don't agree with Hans,I think RRTCM has many excellent effects and routines in.Lightning Card,Design for Laughter and Everywhere and Nowhere are brilliant.I still use them.Even CC has variations of these effects.
Message: Posted by: Voodoo_VCS (Sep 16, 2004 04:12PM)
I got Royal Road first, as suggested by another member of this forum. Indispensable.
Message: Posted by: BullzEyE (Sep 18, 2004 07:44AM)
I would recommend getting Royal road, although ive never seen Card Colledge, Royal Road has may nice tricks
Message: Posted by: King Of Pop (Sep 18, 2004 07:48AM)
Actually, it`s easyer to learn from the video first, but this book is great, this is full of effects and sleights :)

God Bless You, I Love You From The Bottom Of My Heart
Message: Posted by: edh (Sep 18, 2004 05:44PM)
I am fairly new to card magic(18 mos.) I have to say that Royal Road is the book to get for learning and coming up to speed on card slieghts/moves. I also go back and re-read it from time to time. Card Colleage was recommended to me by a fellow cardician and is on my list of books to get. Maybe when my tax refund comes in I can afford to get all the vols.
Message: Posted by: liam-j-gilbert (Sep 22, 2004 04:21AM)
No. Royal road to card magic is only a good book if you can be bothered to try and decifer the poorly explained effects and sleights... if you want to learn you need clarity and if you want clarity you need Card College by Roberto Giobbi. Buy it.
Message: Posted by: rikbrooks (Sep 22, 2004 05:25AM)
Oh my, Liam has, if nothing else, a TON of guts! That's the first time that I've heard a complaint about RRTCM in this forum. Personally I disagree with you, Sir, but I'll do so in a gentlemanly fashion and bear in mind that, judging from your name and location, perhaps English isn't your first language? The book is a little old and the style a little different than modern English so I can see how it might seem a little perplexing.

Let me assure you that I've had no more than momentary difficulties following it - but then again, I'm older than the book.
Message: Posted by: ToPher (Sep 22, 2004 10:59AM)
You should get bolth RRTCM an CC. You'll only miss something if you don't have the other. Plus only you know what you like.
Message: Posted by: Verno Inferno (Sep 22, 2004 11:45AM)
It would be wise to go with RRTCM or Expert Card Technique before venturing into a 5 volumn set on card magic. The initial cheap purchase of one of RRTCM will help you guage whether or not you'd like to invest in Card College.
Message: Posted by: Josh Burch (Sep 4, 2020 09:15AM)
Here's my breakdown of some of the best effects in the book. It's not going to for everyone's style but these are the effects I have used the most over the course of my career in magic: