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Topic: Taking the leap to intermediate
Message: Posted by: Dr. JK (Sep 13, 2020 07:44AM)
Many magicians are trying to figure out how to take the leap from beginner to intermediate, especially in terms of their sleights and effects. Although I don't proclaim to be an expert on the subject, I can tell you that one book changed it all for me: Dear Mr. Fantasy by John Bannon. I bought it based on some recommendations I saw here on the Café, and it changed the way I looked at and performed card magic.

Instead of performing only self-working card tricks, I had a whole slew of powerful new utility sleights and killer effects that I could perform. And, everything was well within my grasp as an inspired amateur! So, if you're looking to make the jump from beginner tricks that are more or less self-working, consider this book as one of your first stops on the journey to card mastery.

If you'd like to better understand what's in the book, I released a video on my YouTube channel just so you could see what you get when you buy this book. Hope you enjoy and that it helps you out in your magical travels!