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Topic: Forgetfulness of a spectator
Message: Posted by: Matt Graves (Jun 9, 2004 04:16PM)
A few weeks ago I was out with some friends at a Mexican restaurant, and on the way out we all bought these colorful little bouncy-balls --- they were fifty cents a piece . . . anyway, I started doing some sleights with mine, and I ended up doing a Tourniquet, reproducing the ball from my nose. One girl was so impressed with it she begged me to do it again, and I gave in. She immediately saw how I did it. So I was bummed out.

Then about a week later I was doing a coin routine,and the same girl was there . . . I did the Tourniquet and blew the coin out my nose at one part and she got all excited and said, "That's the one you did for me the other day! That is so cool!" She seemed to have totally forgotten about the flub-up.

That's an interesting one for the psychologists among us, anyway . ..