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Topic: Dead Reckoning in a language diffrent from English
Message: Posted by: misamagic (Oct 2, 2020 12:01AM)
Would it be possible to perform John Bannon's "Dead Reckoning" in a different language. In my country, as in many other places, everybody knows some English but it would be quite impossible to spell (twice) in English the name of a card in an effect.
In Romanian spelling the names of the 52 cards in a deck results in names with the following lengths in letters: 3 x 8, 6 x 9, 19 x 10, 14 x 11, 6 x 12 and 4 x 13. So the stack should include cards with names counting 10 and/or 11 letters.
I thought of two possible solutions.
(i) In act II, when test spelling the card name, to start spelling a few letters (say 3) and then stop, remember to explain something, and then restart again to test spell the full card name. This will place the selection in position 11.
(ii) place the Joker in position 30 after a stack of 29 cards of 10 and 11 letters and before the rest of 23 cards. The test spelling would be 13 letters long placing the selection in position 11.
Is any of these feasible? Are there any problems?
Are there better solutions? T
Thank you very much.
Best regards
Message: Posted by: dyoung (Oct 10, 2020 04:05PM)
Have you looked at Woody Aragon's "Cheerleader"... https://www.penguinmagic.com/p/13769

That might give you some ideas how to adapt it to your language. Has a similar feel to Dead Reckoning.

Message: Posted by: misamagic (Oct 11, 2020 04:22PM)
Thank you very much.
Really very helpful.
Best regards
Message: Posted by: dyoung (Oct 12, 2020 04:54AM)
There are still some language requirements for Woody's version,at least if you want to do it exactly like he teaches it. But hopefully there's something you can get out of it.

Or just move to England :) Its worth it just for the spelling tricks alone, but then imagine all the booktests and other language dependent mentalism. Totally worth it, that's why I moved here.
Message: Posted by: Ray Chelt (Jan 14, 2021 02:02PM)
Itís not got the spelling element but this by John is another way of ending dead reckoning. Need to have confidence in your Faro !!!