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Topic: Magic Open Source
Message: Posted by: Martin Andersen (Oct 6, 2020 04:00AM)
Some of you may know I've started an Open Source magic blog, where I explain several projects very interesting for magicians.
The open source part means that the information provided is open and available for modification. Even some of my commercial products are explained in detail, so you could build them without having to buy them.
I believe that information has great value, and allows that everyone can improve over my work or the others, increasing the community wisdom and make better each particular project we publish.
But stop talking and here are some of my recent projects:

License Plate Prediction: https://ideaalab.com/en/prediccion-matricula

Electronic catapult: https://ideaalab.com/en/lanzador-electronico

Swapping platform: https://ideaalab.com/en/plataforma-cambio

Clap-o-meter: https://ideaalab.com/en/aplausometro

We have many other projects available on the blog. And many more to come!
The projects that have sensitive information are protected so only magicians can watch them.

If you like you can subscribe to the blog. Everything FREE, no commitment. :welcome:

Message: Posted by: Christian Wilde (Oct 18, 2020 03:55PM)
That is a very interesting project. I look forward to dive into mand of the ressources on your site. Thumbs up from here 👍