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Topic: "Winner -Winner" Chicken Dinner Shell Set" 
Message: Posted by: shellgame-al (Oct 19, 2020 12:19PM)
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner. Is an expression or declaration of victory, especially in a game of chance.
If displayed on the Thanksgiving holiday you might use "Winning, Winning, Turkey Dinner"

The new Chicken Dinner Shells were designed to bring entertainment to the player and spectators to believe they have a chance at winning

The Game of Chance; I believe the player has to believe they have a chance at winning or there is no interest to play.
Some magicians think the player should never win when displaying the shell game.  They need to believe they have a chance!

The street workers of the game know to get someone to play the game the mark must see that someone can win before they will take a chance to play.
This is where the real con comes into play. 

Unknown to the mark the other players that have been seen to be winning are all part of a crew to make the mark believe they have a chance at winning.  
This is the con! Without this, there is no Con!

The 3 Shell Game displayed by the magician is a different display of the game that is played on the street to steal the player's money.
With the magician, the game is only displayed for entertainment.

The magician does not have a crew of shills to bring the confidence that the player has a chance at winning.
But there are many other ways that the magician can achieve the con game without the use of any shill's and still bring the thrill of playing the shell game.

If the magician is able to show the equipment being used is fair, this will help.
With the proper type of shells and ball, the magician can display the game fairly to set up the con and can play unfairly at any time for the win.

This can be done when the shells are used with a cork ball. This makes the game appear to be a fair game.
With all of the equipment being used to be fair, this can set up the player to believe they have a chance at winning.

The only unfair thing is the shell operator and he has full control of when to play fair or unfair.   
As the cork ball will stay inside the shell when the shells are moved with the ball. 
But you have full control of when to steal and load a ball to any shell.

The great thing is after the ball is stolen and loaded into another shell all the shells can be moved fairly without the ball coming out of the shell.  
Also, everything can be fully examined at any time without switching anything out.

A shell game played without any clues, rules, or anything to hide!  - Your patter can become very creative with these shells!

The shells were designed to work with a cork ball with a bottom rim taper around the complete bottom of the shell to bring a smooth ball steal or load from the shell with the proper handling. 
The use of a cork ball was how the 3 shell game was original displayed

The shells can also be used with a softball, like most other shells on the market, but will lose the fair shell and ball features.

Shell Specifications
Material - Cold Cast nickel/silver and bronze
Length - 2-1/4" - Wide - 1-3/4" - Height - 1-1/8"
Weight per shell - 3 ounces

Set Contents
3 - Chicken Dinner Shells
3 - Cork Ball Taters
1- Cork Ball Holder
1- Custom Shell Set Case  

To view photos and details click on the link:   https://4photos.weebly.com/
Message: Posted by: markmagic (Dec 20, 2020 08:19PM)
Al makes great stuff. I have many of his in my collection.
Message: Posted by: ringmaster (Dec 20, 2020 10:44PM)
Thanks Al, I was wonderin' bout those birds.