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Topic: Just saying Hello
Message: Posted by: Paddel Kaster (Oct 27, 2020 04:08PM)
Hello everyone,
I Just decided to register after lurking for about two years or so. Magic has been a secret hobby to me for a couple of time, that I had no ambition to share with anyone. But lately I realized, that I have actually learned a few things and became more and more passionate, so I guess it's time to finally come out of my comfort zone and this might be my first little step.
Message: Posted by: wulfiesmith (Jan 5, 2021 02:15PM)
Paddel Kaster ...
this thread was posted so long ago, and with no reply.
Let me correct that, right now.

Magic as a hobby ... that's how we all started; and in some cases finish.
It's a fantastic hobby, pastime, or profession.

Everyone starts with the first step ...
welcome, my friend!