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Topic: The Magic of Story?
Message: Posted by: Socrates (Nov 2, 2020 05:10AM)
Is it possible to perform magic with words alone? Or do you require a trick in conjunction with the story?

Message: Posted by: Russo (Nov 3, 2020 07:49AM)
If you mean by just talking you're doing Magic? Possible if your changing a persons mind or giving GOOD Advise (or Evil Magic if you're leading them astray)- But you need props to do a Magic Trick (effect). Or did I misunderstand your comment. RR
Message: Posted by: Socrates (Nov 3, 2020 02:24PM)
Story itself is powerful magic, and the tricks are tools we can use to facilitate a moment of astonishment. There are many advantages to studying the art of creative writing and storytelling. Doing so can allow you to take the simplest of tricks and transform them into magical memories that last forever...without this understanding a trick is nothing more than an entertaining distraction.

Just a few thoughts that came to mind!

Message: Posted by: Imaginationalist (Dec 10, 2020 02:45PM)
Who hasn't been transported to some mythical land of beyond by reading a book or listening to a good story? A story can enhance an effect as long as the story is told well, but both must complement each other. Otherwise, one will take away the magic of the other. So yes, words alone can be magical. IMO
Message: Posted by: WitchDocChris (Dec 11, 2020 08:30AM)
You can definitely create a magical experience with words alone.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Dec 16, 2020 07:17PM)
"magical" can easily be accomplished with words alone. An experience of magic akin to a live performance of conjuring is more difficult,
but possible. The key is an inexplicable phenominon and 30 year memory of the affect and effect.
Message: Posted by: 0wen (May 19, 2021 05:55AM)
A lot of Voodini's 'magic' is basically straight storytelling. Having the confidence to tell people what you want them to see and have them experience it. The human imagination is strong - especially when you give it a little goose in the right direction.

Almost all of my 'bizarre' shows are storytelling these days. I've bought props to use with it in the past (Goodbye boards, spirit trumpets, etc - currently for sale btw!) but find myself not using them much.
Message: Posted by: Russo (Sep 4, 2021 09:17AM)
No magic story tellers around ????????????
Message: Posted by: funsway (Sep 24, 2021 08:19PM)
[quote]On Sep 4, 2021, Russo wrote:
No magic story tellers around ???????????? [/quote]

Do you want stories to accompany Effects, ones about magicians, ones about life events that some consider, the impact of being a magicians on real fie problems, other?

I have them all ...
Message: Posted by: Russo (Sep 25, 2021 12:19PM)
You saw my P/M funsway.