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Topic: Is advertising effects you make for resale Exposure?
Message: Posted by: Mad Jake (Nov 2, 2020 09:42AM)
My brother and I own Airship Magic, we also have a FB page and numerous forums to sell through. Usually we just make product announcements, but some times we sell through
our own profile.

I had a member from the UK do a friend request and with a few short minutes started to tear my brother a new backside for advertising our products on our timeline. His argument was that
my brother was disrespecting the Art and committing Exposure to non magicians. No secrets were ever exposed, just advertisements of some for sale and some with links to our website.

Are we doing something wrong? Is he right? This was the first call out in public we have ever had about this and still being fairly new to the market we don't want to make mistakes about
how we should handle ourselves properly in public.

Was this guy just a nut or does he have a valid point?

Any help or insight so we stay on the straight and narrow in the community would be helpful.

Kindest Regards,
Jacob Jr.
Message: Posted by: Animated Puppets (Nov 2, 2020 12:14PM)
[quote]On Nov 2, 2020, Mad Jake wrote:

Was this guy just a nut or... [/quote]

No need to go on.
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Nov 16, 2020 11:04PM)
He has every right to his opinion.

He is absolutely incorrect but he has the right.