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Topic: From Librarian to Magician
Message: Posted by: copperct (Nov 2, 2020 10:28AM)
Hello everyone,

I have, for a long time, been collecting many books and materials on card magic going back to my first Amazing Wonder Deck kit complete with gaffed cards by Mr. Mysterio and the like to now having RRTCM, Card College, works by LePaul, Marlo, Buckley, Scarne and of course, Erdnase. With all the extra time spent at home, I have decided to begin working through my RRTCM book to really begin the process of building the muscle memory required to start building actual presentable routines. As with many others who are "googling" answers to questions as they learn, I've spent a decent amount of time creeping around this forum's incredible wealth of knowledge. I decided it was finally time to dive in and join the community as my skills begin to grow. I look forward to joining this community!

Message: Posted by: jaxonlee (Nov 6, 2020 11:11AM)
Welcome to the Café! I started off, seemingly eons ago now, with Erdnase and then proceeded to RRTCM. It's a good track to follow. My recommendation: get a nice notebook and keep it close at hand. AS you go through RRTCM, write out favorite moves and such. By the end, you will have a full journal of effects that you are ready to use plus tips and tricks that you've picked up elsewhere. It makes a big difference, to me at least, when coming up with a working routine.

Message: Posted by: copperct (Nov 7, 2020 09:12AM)
My copy of Royal Road is already showing tons of wear and tear! I guess that’s a positive sign