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Topic: Almost retired
Message: Posted by: Dsquared (Nov 8, 2020 07:20PM)
Hello Everyone my name is Dennis.

I'm just a few years away from retiring and am planning the next phase of my life. I'm somewhat overwhelmed by all the information I've been reading here. I'm planning to put together a routine to be part of my art festival sales booth. I have experience doing standup comedy and feel comfortable writing my own material. The routine will be part magic. part comedy, and part product pitch. I'm too new to even know what to ask yet. I did my first magic show when I was nine, but haven't done much, outside of a few card tricks, since. So, essentially I'm a complete greenhorn rookie.

I must say, the sign up process was rather arduous. Who even has a non-free email address these days? I thought maybe I could get one from my wireless provider, but no luck. I'm also building a new home and did not have hardwired internet in my rental cottage until recently. Fortunately they were able to finally supply me with an email address. Until now I've been using Google to search the forums to read threads that I was interested in.

Thanks for having me.

Message: Posted by: Animated Puppets (Nov 8, 2020 08:38PM)
Yeah the email hurdle can be a hard one these days, but is serves a purpose to keep out (or hinder) sock puppets from trolling the forum.

Message: Posted by: KC2JFS (Nov 10, 2020 09:28PM)
Good luck in your retirement and future. I feel lucky to have remembered that I had an iCloud email. Other then that I think I would have been left outside looking into the Magic Café
Message: Posted by: BlushingCrow (Nov 11, 2020 05:00PM)
Glad to have you here and looking forward to hearing more from you!