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Topic: How difficult is Jack Carpenter's material?
Message: Posted by: Nikodemus (Nov 25, 2020 08:44AM)
Perusing the Café, I stumbled on a reference to this effect by Jack Carpenter -


This is the kind of magic I love. A shuffled deck. No sleights, just a couple of subtleties. An impossible prediction - and then a really powerful kicker ending. Wow! And virtually self-working.

But I've looked at other online videos of him performing, and I get the impression he is primarily a master of sleight of hand.

So my question is - does he have more great material that is within the skill range of a relative beginner? Or is it mostly going to be too challenging for me at this stage?
My current skills include various false shuffles, false cuts, double lift, Hofsinzer cull, a few forces, Elmsley count, palming, Top Change etc
(Also a memorised stack.)
But NOT (yet) things like, Pass, Side Steal, Diagonal Palm Shift - all of which seem to be in a different league.

I am trying to follow advice I have read on the Café to find effects you like, then learn the required skills (within reason); rather than just learn a bunch of techniques.
Message: Posted by: Max Milagro (Nov 25, 2020 04:16PM)
If you like gambling demonstrations have a look at his Ultimate Hold 'Em routine. An easy Jog Shuffle and False Cut is needed, but he teaches you a completely self-working method as well.