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Topic: Watch routine presentation ideas
Message: Posted by: kleqy (Nov 28, 2020 01:10PM)
Hey guys,I have recently fallen in love with the Osterlind watch routine,but I can't seem to find a great presentation for it.

I know I should find one by myself,but few hints and ideas are appreciated.I am not looking for something like:"Time is important right?Now give me your watch please."No.If you are not feeling like throwing ideas here,please PM me.

Message: Posted by: Tom Cutts (Nov 28, 2020 04:00PM)
There are obvious ways in which time brings us together. We agree to meet at a specific time and place. But there are far less obvious ways in which time can connect us. Let’s try something...
Message: Posted by: Greg Arce (Nov 28, 2020 05:27PM)
Agree with all Tom has said. Try to find stories that have to do with time. For instance, there's always those tales of someone having a car accident at 2:13 in the morning and the person's mom waking up in bed exactly at that time with a nervous feeling. Do a google search for stories or morals or poems or tales related to time and see if any one of those strikes a nerve. Think of a personal event that had you wondering about time or being nervous about a certain thing happening at a certain time.

There's no one answer. Find what you can relate to or feels like a cool story you'd want to tell.