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Topic: Card Shark Science Friction Invisible Deck - warning
Message: Posted by: Nikodemus (Nov 29, 2020 01:45PM)
I bought an ID from Card Shark a while back. The Science Fiction is absolutely AMAZING! I have always struggled with R&S before - SF is so much more reliable. Not just a slight improvement - a real game-changer.

BUT there was a slight disappointment with the ID itself. Only half the cards are treated. This is not mentioned anywhere on their website. I know most people arrange their ID based on the rule of 13, but there are other arrangements (discussed somewhere on the Café in fact). I wanted to arrange mine based on my memorised stack - but I couldn't do this because for some of my pairs, neither card was treated.

I contacted Card Shark, who told me SF only requires one card of each pair to be treated instead of both. Fair enough - but this is NOT mentioned on the product page for the ID. I suggested they might consider selling a fully treated deck with an untreated deck, so the customer could create their own ID to their own requirements (two in fact). They said they would "take this under advisement" - but I see nothing on their website so far. Nor an update to the ID page to explain the existing limitation. So be warned - if you buy an SF ID, don't assume you can choose whatever pairings you want like you can with R&S.
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Dec 9, 2020 04:43AM)
This is important information. Thanks!
Message: Posted by: Dan Ford (Dec 9, 2020 01:36PM)
Get a can of Science Friction and make your own.
Message: Posted by: Bobby Forbes (Dec 16, 2020 07:01PM)
[quote]On Dec 9, 2020, Dan Ford wrote:
Get a can of Science Friction and make your own. [/quote]

Your right! For a lousy $95 bucks you can get a can of SF spray and make your own!
Message: Posted by: Dan Ford (Dec 16, 2020 08:09PM)
I detect some sarcasm.......
Message: Posted by: Nikodemus (Jan 2, 2021 09:57PM)
I want to be clear - SF is a [b] great [/b] product.
Just the ID was not clearly described.