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Topic: Magician for the love of magic?
Message: Posted by: Josh Riel (Jan 4, 2021 06:56PM)
I love magic, "our magic". I'm not a particularly good magician, certainly not well known. I perform rarely.

But I love it, I practice the various secrets more often alone. I watch the performance parts of teaching videos more than the explanation. I love watching magicians just to see the spectators reaction.
Practicing magic I remember the reaction of the crowd when I first saw the trick performed.

Am I alone? Whether you perform often, rarely, or not at all, is it because you love magic? You're here, so I can assume you recognize it.
Is it just a job?
It doesn't make you better or worse, I just wonder if I'm unique in purely loving the thing magic is outside of what it can offer me besides wonder.

Does my simple and yet absolute love of magic make me a poor magician?

I'm not bringing up "art" because I obviously don't understand the definition, and I consider that definition irrelevant to my enjoyment of the thing. Call it a Tomato, it would still be magic.
Childbirth and Sunrises among other things are called magic, but they can or will to happen whether we want them or not. I'm not talking about that.
I only bring these up because that's the bottomless hole these types of discussions usually fall.
The Internet tends to justify it's existence in my mind by tearing the soul out of pure love and pleasure with endless rhetorical discussion.
Message: Posted by: Pop Haydn (Jan 4, 2021 07:41PM)
Magic is one of my great, guiding passions and has been all my adult life. I love to perform magic, practice magic, create magic, and think about magic. I get great joy from all of it. I have made a living through magic for fifty years, and it is still fun and fulfilling.
Message: Posted by: Seluj (Jan 5, 2021 01:42AM)
Just like you Josh, I perform rarely but I absolutely love watching a good performance of magic. And I share this enthusiasm with my friends by taking them to magic shows (when theaters or restaurants are not closed...), because I know they can be surprised and delighted. Usually, they have never seen a real show. And a good performance goes beyond the clichés they had about magic.
Message: Posted by: funsway (Jan 5, 2021 05:59AM)
Not a day goes by in which I do not think of an magic effect, playing it over in my mind for ways to enhance or improve --
or spying an object in thrift store. Usually these musing lead no where as the subtleties would be missed by most audiences,
but the "what if" game is essential for me.

Appreciating awe and wonder in nature and life in general is enhanced by pretending at it.

I have made a living helping people overcome what they feel is impossible in life. Awareness of the impossible is part of that. Fun too!
Message: Posted by: WitchDocChris (Jan 5, 2021 09:32AM)
I love good magic, sure.

I find the history, and theory, and philosophies of magic to be fascinating and I study that a lot.

I find the methods interesting and I enjoy fine motor skills, so I often practice sleight of hand that I will never use in a performance just because I enjoy working at the skill.

I love the potential magic has to be something very unique and interesting and thought provoking.

I don't watch a lot of performances of magic, though - because I do understand the potential magic has, and most often, I don't think performances live up to that potential at all. The ones that do resonate with me, though - those I will watch over and over.
Message: Posted by: tommy (Jan 5, 2021 05:29PM)
As an amateur I love magic, as a professional, I have a passion for play.
Message: Posted by: PhantomStranger (Jan 5, 2021 06:41PM)
It is definitely something I do for the love it, not a professional in anyway. I study it and watch it and learn and practice as much as I’m able. It’s a passion for sure.