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Topic: Hybrid Live & Virtual shows
Message: Posted by: ezystreamlive (Jan 13, 2021 03:45PM)
This will be different for each country due to lockdowns

Here in Australia we are not in a massive lockdown- we can have 5 people over to our houses who are not family and that will jump to 10 people over the next few weeks (unless something else happens)

So I have been thinking of figuring out a way to do shows at my home for up to 5 people or even just 2 people- plus also stream the show

This way you get some energy off the small audience in your home, but also you can sell a lot more tickets.

It will require a different set up to the normal virtual show, possibly a separate computer running say Zoom or Jitsi that is going to capture the live audience reactions

But I would like to brainstorm possible set ups

and for those who want to go off topic-(we all know who you are) I'll report you straight away .

I understand theres not a lot of work out there and that creates anger and you wish to vent- this topic is not the place to vent
it is a place for those who are doing and would like to do virtual shows
Message: Posted by: Dannydoyle (Jan 13, 2021 03:57PM)
In reality, it seems like the BEST way to do them.
The BAD thing about magic is the interactive nature of it, and the fact many just figure it as camera nonsense. Having someone there live (Even though I guess the audience can assume collusion.) is just so much better than the stuff we see on a screen where the performer is being little more than a children's show host.

Magic when done well is a personal medium. It is to be experienced live. Doing it with at least a couple people live, with genuine reactions is a great way to at least get SOME of that across. Not a bad way to try to do it.

How you go about getting folks TO the house, or how to advertise or what not is not something I would even begin to figure out. BUT the idea, as an idea, is not a bad idea.
Message: Posted by: ezystreamlive (Jan 13, 2021 04:35PM)
Yes you would have to somehow make it clear that they are not stooges. (even if they are)

perhaps when selling the tickets you have 2 premium tickets and the rest online. but that's a topic for another post (how to market)

theres also the laws of can you run a business from your home etc Here in Australia you can't just set up a hair salon in your home (although people do)I can run my magic business from the home but having customers in my home is a different story.

Shows would have to be interactive for the home viewer as well - I don't see the point of watching someone levitate a spoon on video when I can't see the entire frame, however the 2 audience members will help convince the home audience much like using someone on stage in a normal show- their reaction sells the effect.

So multi camera set up- if you can have 5 people at your home, perhaps 2 audience members, and one person to operate the switching of cameras. It can get messy and that operator would need to be paid of course unless its your better half

so there needs to be a way for the performer to switch cameras (using OBS) and cut down on the dead time within a virtual show. Streamdeck could help reduce some of the need for a computer operator (streamdeck is a pad with programable buttons you can program it to switch an OBS scene for example or play music for an intro, intermission and outro)

but yes its a new concept and do you really want strangers in your home?

Perhaps a concept you sell to Bars and clubs-(provided they are open) that way you have all the services of the hotel- you need a small room. which if they are in lockdown they would not cost that much to rent- or work out a deal to give them some of the ticket costs- with OBS you could include a promo for the bar- make it short 30 minute shows- back to back through the day- I don't have that figured out yet- something to consider

In Australia they are open, however they are limited on how many customers they can have and there is the social distancing
Also do they need to wear a mask as an audience member? which of course will reduce their ability to sell the effect to the home audience

so the laws are if you eating or drinking you don't have to wear a mask- but staff do- so technically I would need to wear one. perhaps somehow get a clear face mask I wonder if that's a thing
Message: Posted by: imgic (Jan 14, 2021 10:05AM)
Your last post sparked an idea...what if you partner with a Bar, club, or restaurant? Most of US has some type of restrictions on number of indoor dining, which is really hurting places, so many are trying to increase take out orders (Here in Washington State many places are allowed to see 'to-go" cocktails). So perhaps you could create a package deal...

Set up a small live show at the place. Then every takeout order is given a link (on paper or email) to your show. EIther add a small amount to take out order, or work out a percentage of sales.

Dinner and a show!

Just brainstorming...
Message: Posted by: ezystreamlive (Jan 14, 2021 09:17PM)
Yeah bars have limited capacity so the owner would want to make as much money from each person- how much do they drink in 30 minutes? not a great amount
But if those 2 people bought a ticket to a show (and some of that went to the bar and some to the performer) then they make more money in that 30 minutes than they would normally.
There is a bit to work out of course

Here in Sydney Bars are open somewhat normally, restricted to a few hundred people- I have normal shows on again, although there is still fear in the community and not as many events as normal - but I would love to do the virtual events more, find new avenues for money.
Message: Posted by: tristan magic (Feb 2, 2021 02:24PM)
Hello everyone! This is my new effect for online shows! The Virtual Impossible Prediction.
It's a new method to achieve the cleanest prediction you've ever seen...
It's similar to the master prediction as a mindset, but the method is different & easiest.

Here is the trailer:

And here is a live performance:

Thank you all...