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Topic: New kind of ball
Message: Posted by: MAGICTOM (Jul 26, 2002 12:48PM)
Hello all...
Being a coin man, I have not had much experience with Billiard balls, but I have an interesting thing here that I picked up at a flea market you Ball guys might want to look into...
I am a telecom Designer and frequently work with fiber optic cable.. which is a cable made of glass that carrys light waves of information from one point to another.. anyway, I was at the flea market and ran across a booth that had these really neat looking glass balls... what they are made of is the fiber optic glass before it is melted into cable... and polished into a round ball..
the neat thing about them is you can see through the middle of the ball if you look at it one way, but if you turn it another you cant.. and when light is exposed to the ball.. it reflects it in such a way that it
creates a very bright almost white ring all the way around the part that you cant see through... it looks really cool!!
and if you put your finger on the back of the part that you can see through and move it around it looks just like an eyeball looking around... anyway.. I had never seen these before and I bet that you could make some really interesting routines out of them..
a small one about the size of an eyeball, cost me 4 bucks.. not bad..
Have fun!
Tom :)