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Topic: Unique Double Faced Deck Pairings
Message: Posted by: Scott Imler (Feb 4, 2021 01:30AM)
Hi guys I am working on a few effects that will require a full deck of double faced cards. I will not go into the details of the pairings but needless to say they are not the same card on both sides. I do have some flexibility in how these decks are paired face to back. So I am asking if any of you have some effects that need a specific pairing to let me know as I am doing at least 250 decks. If you want to keep your thoughts private you can PM me.

IF you put on your thinking caps there are some clever uses for a deck that's has the right pairing of double facers.

Thanks for your consideration.

Message: Posted by: Nikodemus (Feb 4, 2021 12:06PM)
Not sure if it would help you in this case, but FYI Card Shark do 4 different double-face decks -


Since they are double FACED, you could use them in any deck. The faces are "standard" apart from the Aces.
Message: Posted by: Scott Imler (Feb 4, 2021 12:37PM)
Yes have been in touch with them and others . Thanks