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Topic: Mega-Illusionist Franz Harary at Houdini Days!
Message: Posted by: MikeandChris (Jun 14, 2004 09:59PM)
I am very pleased to announce that Franz Harary will be providing a 90-minute lecture as part of the Magical Arts Institute Lectures that will be offered on Friday, September 3, 2004 at the Houdini Days Magic Festival in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Franz's "open discussion" lecture style will utilize video clips to discuss creativity, magic and illusion design, staging, lighting, sound, costuming, touring, and much more.

In the history of magic, Franz Harary is truly unique -- he is the first world-class magician ever to design and create all of his own illusions, as well as perform them live before mesmerized crowds. This was best demonstrated on an NBC-TV special in November, 1994, when Harary vanished the Space Shuttle before a live audience at Kennedy Space Center.

Franz Harary joins the amazing list of performers that will be at Houdini Days: Jeff McBride, Bill Malone, Doc Eason, Michael Ammar, Jon Stetson, Michael Finney, Tom Burgoon, Joshua Jay, Mark Wilson, Dean Gunnarson, Ice McDonald, David Kaye, Robert Baxt, Glen Gerard,
The Reed Sisters (Jessica, Shayna, Mandy), Kevin King, Mark Bond, Rex Sikes, Rondini, Bruce Hetzler, Nate Nygren, Lou Lepore, Danny Magic, and The Comedy Magic of Mike & Chris.

Make plans to be a part of this unbelievable event (Sept 2-5, 2004 in "Houdini's Hometown", Appleton, Wisconsin). We already have registrations from Hawaii to Alaska and the website is fast approaching 800,000 hits!

Visit the Houdini Days website for complete details -

Chris Cochrane
Houdini Days Organizer