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Topic: Here Be Bunnies
Message: Posted by: puggo (Feb 15, 2021 01:36PM)
So for supporters of Andy's blog, the new book 'Here Be Bunnies' has been sent out and I've just received my copy in the UK. No tricks, just presentational techniques. In many ways, it would have been great if this was on general release, but then again perhaps it would only appeal to a smaller part of the community (did I mention no tricks?).
Having just received it, I can't provide a review yet, but previous books TOY and MFYL were both potential 'book of the year' candidates (I missed out on Vol 1). Anyhow, its really good to see such thought proving material in print. Lockdown just got a bit easier :-)
Message: Posted by: The_Mediocre_Gatsby (Feb 18, 2021 07:27AM)
I agree. It's fantastic.
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Feb 19, 2021 01:50AM)
Andy who?
Message: Posted by: puggo (Feb 19, 2021 12:13PM)
[quote]On Feb 19, 2021, Glenn Watson wrote:
Andy who? [/quote]
Andy from the Jerx blog.
Message: Posted by: Glenn Watson (Feb 19, 2021 12:22PM)
Message: Posted by: gossamer (Mar 8, 2021 11:12AM)
I agree, I really wish some more of his content was more widely available, though I respect that not all supporters may feel that way and may desire the extreme exclusivity that was promised from the beginning of the reader-financed era.

Nonetheless, I'm really glad he put out a comprehensive and organized guide to his theory for this book instead of just assembled blog posts and tricks with some theory.

Might be my favorite of the 4, but I'll have to read it a couple more times.