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Topic: David Kaye - Kid Show FUNdamentals & Reel Comedy Index By Issue
Message: Posted by: mantel (Feb 18, 2021 10:34PM)
[b]David Kaye - Kid Show FUNdamentals Index By Issue[/b]

8. an in-depth look at the change bag

9. Don’t get stung by a sucker trick

10. Why “What’s Next!” is still a great trick

11. some tips on the thumbtip

12. ways to handle a broken wand

13. avoid green thumb: grow feather flowers the right way

14. To look, but not to see

15. pours his heart out about the Milk Pitcher

16. mumbles about mouth coils

17. A magician in trouble may be the best thing for your act

18. buying kid show tricks while touring the dealer room at the I.B.M. convention in San Diego

20. frying your mind with the dove pan

21. Brainstorming ideas for the stratosphere

23. Introduces us to some really silly wands


25. asks famous magicians, what have you learned from doing kid shows?

29. theory: 3 laughs from 1 joke

30. detailed examination of the coloring book routine

[b]David Kaye - Reel Comedy Index By Issue[/b]

14. Mac vs. PC (with Mac King)

19. Magicians Gone Wild!

22. a look at what magic shops were like - before the internet

26. RMZ, surprising magicians at Magic Live!

27. talks to famous magicians at Magic Live! about doing kid shows

33. a new product for tacky hands