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Topic: Buying Science Friction in the UK
Message: Posted by: Nikodemus (Feb 25, 2021 07:14PM)
I recently bought some Science Friction. I was aware that there are legal restrictions on how aerosols can be transported. Therefore I thought it would be sensible to buy from a UK dealer, who - I presumed - would have already imported the product into the UK.

Several had it on their websites. But NONE of them was actually able to sell it to me. In most cases, I could add it to my basket but at the checkout was informed it was not available - very annoying. One popped up a message suggesting I buy it from their USA website (huh??????).
One accepted my payment (hooray!) Then I got a (very nice) email saying they couldn't supply it after all, and arranging a refund.

Finally I did what I probably should have in the first place - ordered it directly from Card Shark in Germany. They dealt with it with typical teutonic efficiency.
The spray was dispatched from a UK location, and arrived after about a week.
The DVD etc came from Germany and arrived after another week.

I hope this is useful to other would-be purchasers!