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Topic: Doc Eason - Behind the bar Index By Issue
Message: Posted by: mantel (Mar 14, 2021 04:59PM)
[b]Doc Eason - Behind the bar Index By Issue[/b]

31. What you need to know to get started working behind the bar

32. routining the evening with Eddie Goldstein

35. "A Work in Progress" with Garrett Thomas

36. part two of "A Work in Progress"

37. importance of remembering names and keeping an audience interested with Kozmo

38. tips on how to ask for the money when you're working the street or behind the bar with Kozmo

39. teaches a great little trick with corks that will keep your audience puzzled to Kozmo

40. how to find the little pieces of gold that add humor to your act with Kozmo

41. Openers with Kozmo

42. benefits of acknowledging your environment with Garrett Thomas

43. proper length of a show with Garrett Thomas

44. how to deal with people that have been drinking with Garrett Thomas

45. Hecklers: friend or foe? with Garrett Thomas

46. ideas on building a team when performing in a bar with Garrett Thomas

47. importance of pauses with Garrett Thomas

48. new additions to Doc’s “Mardi Gras Bar Bet” routine with Garrett Thomas

49. strategies on starting a career in restaurant and bar magic with Garrett Thomas

50. difference between being a character and having character with Garrett Thomas

51. how variations in your patter can make a trick work in multiple environments with Garrett Thomas

53. about opening a set without using cards and how working can bring shelter from the storm with Garrett Thomas
Message: Posted by: mantel (Dec 17, 2021 08:50PM)
54. Vanishing Knife Routine