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Topic: Newbie tentatively seeks advice on protecting new method
Message: Posted by: Forza Azzurri (Mar 17, 2021 09:48AM)
Feel free to point me toward an existing thread (or resource) on this. I did do some searching but didn't find anything. I'm mostly interested in finding a safe place (or person or persons) to discuss such ideas with specifics, but not risk being ripped off.

So I've got a prototype of a gimmick which is basically a variation on a time tested method. It's not the kind of thing that would sell really well and that's not really my main interest. Neither is getting credit (nice, but not the point). It's more a matter of creative control. I stumble across various threads and discussions and comments about magicians being ripped off and not getting credit for something. Sort of a recurring theme. I'm actually heartened by the general community consensus to give credit where credit is due, and to not expose a proprietary method.

So how to proceed? How, and where, to discuss? I'd love to talk about the specifics and get comments. Maybe my idea sucks (I don't think it does)? Maybe someone has already done this (it would be nice to know)?

Even as a newbie magician I've constructed some other gimmicks only to find out that they have been created and refined by others. That's not frustrating, I just wouldn't like to inadvertently rip someone off. For example, I've created a Miser's Dream gimmick where I'm assuming since "form follows function" that some of the existing gimmicks and apparatus use a similar approach. I don't want to give away method, but would love to discuss such things.

Where to do this? Here?

Old guy, new magician. Thanks in advance!