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Topic: Which hand? using strong magnetic Half Dollar?
Message: Posted by: MeetMagicMike (Mar 22, 2021 01:51PM)
I have a very strong magnetic half dollar. Is there a small device that would let me detect which hand the coin is in?
Message: Posted by: trickyat86 (Mar 22, 2021 06:42PM)
Flux from promystic. You can tell heads or tails too with it.
Message: Posted by: gregg webb (Apr 2, 2021 01:41PM)
A small compass hidden in a deck of cards.
Message: Posted by: gregg webb (Apr 10, 2021 08:58AM)
Also, the top 2 cards are loose ( and I used a tarot deck) so when you move over the top card to take and wave over their hand, the second card is moved enough to reveal the compass and this is held under their hand which screens the view of the compass from the spectator.
Message: Posted by: Jerry (Apr 12, 2021 05:59PM)
A pinky TT with a small round or disc shape NM.