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Topic: Steel core folding coin?
Message: Posted by: trickyat86 (Mar 22, 2021 02:37PM)
Curious, does anyone know if a steel core/shimmed or magnetic folding coin is a thing/on the market? I've done a few internet searches and didnít see anything of the sort.
Message: Posted by: Harle (Jun 24, 2021 03:42PM)
I've been on a little bit of a hunt for something similar myself, I'll be sure to let you know if I find anything.

I tried modifying one of my practice folding coins, and it ended fairly disastrously, so I've been hoping for a solution that doesn't end with having one custom made.
Message: Posted by: inigmntoya (Jun 24, 2021 05:26PM)
Some Canadian coins are naturally attracted to magnets - you might be able to find a folding coin made from one of them?
Message: Posted by: NEKKODDD (Jul 3, 2021 04:53PM)
Some Morgan replicas are made of steel and I have seen replica folders