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Topic: Making a Magnetic Card
Message: Posted by: chosen1 (Apr 6, 2021 08:52PM)
Hey Everyone!

Hope this is the right place to put this and it hasn't already been asked. I did a search and couldn't come up with anything. This is also my first time creating my own topic so I'll try to be as cryptic as possible.

I'm on the look out for a split card of sorts. Do any of our Café card gaffing gurus have any ideas on if this is possible?

I would like a shimmed card to be paired with a card that is magnetic, but only along the long edges. That way it could act as a split coin kind of. With pressure from the fingers you could "open" the card almost like they were rough and smoothed, but once you released the tension it would "snap" back into place. It would operate similarly to the Eric Jones Twizted gimmick just with magnets.

Sorry if this too direct for an open forum, I feel like the terms are pretty hard to decipher by anyone that doesn't do magic, but please free to move it somewhere else if it's inappropriate.

Thank everyone reading for taking the time and any advice you can share.

Message: Posted by: Poof-Daddy (Apr 7, 2021 03:05PM)
Card-Shark & Hannes Koch released “Magneato” a couple years back and they were pretty much what you describe. Each set had to be hand made and it wasn’t something easily done. (Thus the $80 price when they were still in stock).
Message: Posted by: Bill08 (Apr 8, 2021 11:00PM)
I remember those Magneato cards. Whatever happened to them? Such an interesting idea with lots of applications, but I guess the cost became prohibitive. I don't think too many people got their hands on them. As I recall, the orientation of the two cards needed to be correct for them to stick (they didn't stick if one card was upside down) Not sure how they worked or how they were built, and haven't seen anything like them since
Message: Posted by: chosen1 (Apr 9, 2021 09:10AM)
Hello Poof-Daddy.

Thanks a lot for the comment! I'd seen those before which is what gave me the idea in the past, but can't find them again for the life of me. I did contact Card-Shark, but he didn't mention them again either. They might just be gone for good. :-( I'd be more than willing, happy even to pay a premium price for a premium product I just don't think they exist anymore. Did you ever get your hands on any? If so, how did they handle?