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Topic: The Most Unique Magic Conference in the World
Message: Posted by: viktorbc (Apr 13, 2021 05:15AM)

Want to stand out from the crowd? Be more than just "tonight's magician". Have your audience not only remember your name but make your set list un-Google-able?!

Bizarre Hauntings is not just "spooky magic". It focuses on being unique. Character development, scripting, narrative, and more! The aspects that made successes of Copperfield, Penn & Teller, David Blaine, and the greats of the Golden Age of Magic!

Bizarre Hauntings is also FUN! Can you imagine? The Black Cat Lounge is our popular after-hours event and will be held this year in an actual 1930's Speakeasy! Also, we have Todd Robbins and Teller (yes, that Teller) hosting the movie they co-produced - the off-Broadway hit PLAY DEAD!


On top of that, Zabrecky will be lecturing on Spook Shows of the past! Learn how to use magic to enhance your performance in a modern SPOOK SHOW and "kill-it" around Halloween if not all year long!


Don't miss on our vendor area either! Our vendors will have magic props, electronics, and hand-made effects like you have never seen before!

This is the most unique magic conference in the world and you should be there!