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Topic: Old magician, new to Gospel Magic
Message: Posted by: Daniel Rumanos (Apr 14, 2021 04:14PM)
I am an experienced stage magician, my work for many years being in the genre of Bizarre Magic. Seeing that this particular style has of late been invaded by Satanists, neo-pagans, goth/vampire fetishists, and "paranormal" enthusiasts who seem unable to separate fantasy from reality, I no longer feel comfortable being exclusively associated with it. As I am a Christian (specifically Roman Catholic), I feel that I may be being called to transition into Gospel Magic. Any advice would be appreciated. Would my supposed "dark past" be a barrier in any way? I also am involved in the science fiction field as a writer and filmmaker. Could that be a problem, or is the Gospel Magic community accepting of such things? Thanks for any help you can give.
Message: Posted by: John Long (Apr 14, 2021 09:17PM)
Well, welcome!

You may find Dwayne Laflin's Greater Gospel Magic a useful read.

He starts with "What is Gospel Magic?"

A later chapter/section is Four kinds of Gospel Magicians:

1) Professional Magician and committed Christian
2) Evangelist and gospel Magician
3) Amateur magician and Christian layman
4) Christian layman who uses a few gospel magic tricks

He gives a useful description of each category.
He also addresses some of the questionable (for lack of a better term)topics that you mentioned. But, I think there is a mix of views on this site, and reasonable tolerance of differences; and generally "welcoming". (but it seems this particular section of the Café has gotten little attention lately.)

To me it seems that most of the posts in this section of TMC, are men that are amateur magicians who use magic tricks to illustrate some Biblical truths.

I fit more into #2. I've used magic at street fairs to get people's attention. Once they come over (and they will do so in a couple of minutes), I show a quick trick that illustrates the Gospel, but then quickly transition into a one on one conversation, and try to determine where they are in regard to their faith. That last phase is totally OFF script.

So, I would ask, why to you want to be a "gospel magician"?

Message: Posted by: MagicMatthews (Apr 14, 2021 11:47PM)
Hi Daniel and Welcome.

Do not worry about a "dark past". Jesus has called all of us out of darkness into the light. If you feel a calling towards Gospel magic, then God bless you in this journey. I don't see why science fiction would be a problem in the Gospel magic community.

I would second John's recommendation of Dwayne Laflin's materials. https://laflinmagicstore.com/ Whilst his style is different from my own, I really like his philosophies on how and why he presents. Particularly, you need to know and be able to communicate biblical truths clearly and accurately. His Art of Gospel Magic DVD Set is very good in this regard.

My experience in Gospel magic has mostly been within church settings, Christian schools, youth groups, camps etc... mostly in parlour style. I would fit into the category of amateur magician. I use magic to illustrate some Biblical truths, but also use magic simply as entertainment.

I would also ditto John's question for you to consider carefully - Why do you want to do Gospel magic? Is it to satisfy your need to do magic, or is it to build God's kingdom? This will help you decide what direction to take. If you haven't already, this post in the FCM section is a helpful read. https://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/viewtopic.php?topic=164580&forum=198

Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Apr 16, 2021 01:20PM)
Note - His name is Duane Laflin, not Dwayne Laflin. Spelling it correctly will help with some online searches.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: John Long (Apr 16, 2021 08:09PM)
Message: Posted by: MagicMatthews (Apr 17, 2021 08:41AM)
Sorry, yes Duane Laflin.
My bad.