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Topic: Recommend Flourish DVD
Message: Posted by: TeddyBoy (Apr 30, 2021 06:09PM)
Would like recommendation for a flourish DVD.

Note- cannot find Brad Burt's DVD or Xtreme Beginnerz.
Message: Posted by: EndersGame (May 17, 2021 11:40PM)
The DVD "[b]Showoff With Cards[/b]" from Magic Makers featuring Ben Salinas might be what you're looking for. I wrote up a detailed review of it (with pictures) that you can read [url=http://www.playingcardforum.com/index.php?topic=11001]here[/url].

If you're looking for more contemporary card flourishes and tutorials for modern cardistry, most instruction for that can be found on youtube. There are lots of free tutorials from respected cardists like School of Cardistry, Fontaine, and Dealers Grip. I put together a list of the best tutorials for recommended introductory moves and flourishes here: