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Topic: Self Marked Deck Resource?
Message: Posted by: DJ Trix (May 9, 2021 07:09PM)
I am looking for the resource that teaches how to mark a deck via the flowers. A DIY method. I cannot for the life of me remember who released info about it. I am sure a lot of magicians have shared this method and I am open to any of them. Book or video.

Im not talking about the one from Pete Mccabe.

Thank you.
Message: Posted by: brianconnor (May 10, 2021 01:01AM)
Brian Brushwood taught it on scam school
Message: Posted by: AstoneMagicalSleight (May 28, 2021 09:49AM)
Try Pete McCabe PM marking system or read Doug Dyment's work on the subject in his latest book (calculated thoughts).
Message: Posted by: HofzinsersFan (Jun 5, 2021 09:26PM)
I remember I wanted to learn this when I first heard about it being something you could do so I searched around and found some pages on it. I kept them so am giving you the urls here. The first one I think is best. It needn't be any more co placated than the first url instructions.


The rest are worth a look just for ideas:


This one looks a bit messy but can be done neatly:


And lastly an idea using scratching instead of writing on the cards...

In my humble opinion, you should use any or all of the above as ideas and then mark your own deck to the best of your ability and creativity. There are so many deviations away from these ideas that you can develop yourself. Just look at the backs of the cards you plan to mark and try to think of just how many different ways you might mark them to represent the 13 cards you have to represent. Remember you can use no markings at all as one of the marks, if you get what I mean there! So the card with no markings could be say, the Ace or King for example.
Also make sure you mark ideally in or towards the top left corner area of the cards as that is the best position for reading the marks. Once you mark the top left area, you must of course then rotate the card 180degrees and repeat the mark in the now top left corner area. There needs to be markings on the top left no matter which way up the card is and that is how to accomplish this.
Yes that last part may seem blindingly obvious but I have had people not realise it when we've talked about marking cards so I thought I would include it anyway!

I've marked a few decks by now so if you want to talk further or need help just ask.
Message: Posted by: cuchullain (Jun 14, 2021 08:45PM)
Marked for Life - Kirk Charles is a small book on all sorts of deck marking (includes some tricks) It also specifically talks about marking Bikes