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Topic: Spammers harvesting addresses?
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Jul 27, 2002 04:20PM)
What is the policy on bulk mailers using the Magic Cafe's member list for sale announcements?

I've started getting mail addressed to the account I used to sign up to Magic Cafe within hours of joining. I never received mail to this address before joining.

And, coincidentally(?) the header list has CC's to about the same number of recipients as the Magic Cafe has members.

Coincidence? I doubt it.
Message: Posted by: DaveB (Jul 27, 2002 09:37PM)
I received 6 spam emails between 6-11am just today. If this is because Steve sold the email list for money to support The Cafe then I don't mind. But if someone harvested the emails to send spam, then they just lost my business.
I don't do business with spammers...and lately I've been buying a lot of magic.
Message: Posted by: Mya Angel (Jul 27, 2002 09:57PM)
Steve dosen't sell your e-mail addresses, I also received those lists, and I'm not even a magician. :hrmph: :mad:

I'm sure he will look into fixing this, asap

Hang on guys, :kermit: Helps coming. :nod:

Mya :cuteangel:
Message: Posted by: Mary B. (Jul 27, 2002 10:03PM)
At several members' request, Gene and I recently put code in the scripts to hide your email from robots, etc. Before this, if you chose to show your email address, it was there for spammers to harvest. We set it up to hide your email addres on the memberlist page, and the profile page. If your email has been given in your signature or a post, it's not hidden from robots.

Steve doesn't sell your emails to anyone, and I'm sure he has no plans to do so, ever.

Dave (MageofMeadows), please forward me that spam email you got with the list of Cafe members in the header. I'd be interested in doing a bit of investigating into that.

Mary B.
Message: Posted by: Dave V (Jul 28, 2002 03:02AM)
It's in the mail (I'm sure you've heard that before)

Anyway, thanks for your prompt response.

Message: Posted by: Steve Brooks (Jul 28, 2002 03:29PM)
Be it known that I have never given, sold, or loaned any personal information regarding Cafe members to anyone for any reason, nor do I plan on doing so in the future.

Per our [url=http://www.themagiccafe.com/privacy.html]privacy statement[/url], we do our very best to protect your email address, and any other information you have given us.

As a side note, I too have received so-called [b]spam[/b] in the mail. I tend to handle that like I do advertisements I receive from the post office, I throw them in the trash. :bwink: I just love the [i]delete[/i] key. :lol:
Message: Posted by: DaveB (Jul 28, 2002 04:15PM)
Thanks for the help and clarification folks.

Its not really a big deal, but if these bozos sell the list to other spammers and everyone starts getting 30 of these everyday it could turn into a big deal for many.

Hope we can nip this in the bud before it grows larger.


Mary, I will email you what you requested. Just so your not surprised ...all the emails equal about 100k.
Message: Posted by: p.b.jones (Jul 29, 2002 03:56PM)
I have my email address om every post but I have had no spam to speak of.
Message: Posted by: Joe Marotta (Aug 2, 2002 01:20AM)
I haven't received any spam as it relates to my email address on this site.

If you want a good way to deal with spam BEFORE it gets to your PC, purchase SpamKiller on the internet for $39 at http://www.mcafee.com . It removes my spam before I download my emails from my pop3 account. It has saved me the headache of manually deleting the 25+ spams I received every day.

Message: Posted by: DaveB (Aug 3, 2002 09:14PM)
I just received a few more magic spams today. After entering my email in Google just to see what comes up, I was a little shocked to see that my profile page was indexed.

I have since changed my email to a web based one and hopefully that should solve the problem. I originally used my personal email because I didn't want to miss any important annoncements from the Cafe, but I just can't have that one plastered on a search engine to be spidered.

Like I said before, its not that big of a deal yet, but once these lists get spread around the number of spams can quickly grow to over 20-30 a day.

I know its not The Magic Cafe's fault, but that Google is so darn thorough!