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Topic: PHOTOS?
Message: Posted by: pulpscrypt (May 26, 2021 05:49PM)
Is there any way to make posting photos easier and larger? I'm sure this would be greatly appreciated, especially when looking to buy/sell?
Message: Posted by: mantel (May 27, 2021 12:37AM)
From the [url=https://www.themagiccafe.com/forums/faq.php#bbcode]F.A.Q.[/url]

[b]NOTE[/b] a space was added to the end img tag in order for the code to appear. In order for the img tags to work the space must be removed [i][/img][/i]

Adding Images
To add a graphic within your message, just encase the full URL of the graphic image as shown in the following example

[img]http://yourdomain.com/images/picture.gif[/img ]

In the example above, the BBCode automatically makes the graphic visible in your message. Note: the "http://" part of the URL is REQUIRED for the [img] code.
Message: Posted by: Roberto Juan (Jun 12, 2021 02:05PM)
[quote]On May 26, 2021, pulpscrypt wrote:

Is there any way to make posting photos easier and larger? [/quote]

It is fairly easy to use the many free image hosting web sites out there. For example, Imgur, where you do not need to register (log in with your FB, Google, Twitter, Apple, or Yahoo credentials) and you can upload nice big images. After a 15 second advertisement, you copy the share link (labeled BBCode Forums) and then paste it into a post. Once you see how to do it, you can post an image on a message board or forum in less than a minute.