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Topic: PVC Advice
Message: Posted by: Cliffg37 (May 30, 2021 06:22PM)
Any thoughts on how to paint a length of PVC to make it look like it is a heavy metal pipe?
Message: Posted by: Bill Hegbli (May 31, 2021 12:30PM)
You could try gray paint. Most thick steel metal pipe is gray looking with threaded ends. Got to a Home improvement center and take a look at the pipes. I was just at Lowes and they also sell black steel pipe. A customer was exiting the store as I was entering, with the pipe in hand, so I took a look at the pipe section and there they were along with gray pipes.
Message: Posted by: imgic (Jun 1, 2021 06:10PM)
Rustoleum makes metallic 'hammered' spray paint in various colors. I used black on some PVC pipe to make it look like cast iron.

Rough up the PVC a bit first, do a few coats per instructions, and Bob's your uncle.

Message: Posted by: countrymaven (Jun 3, 2021 11:35PM)
? sand it lightly then rubber cement some aluminum foil to it
Message: Posted by: Dan Ford (Jun 4, 2021 02:19PM)
? sand it lightly then rubber cement some aluminum foil to it

Use the dull side of the foil.
Message: Posted by: mvmagic (Jun 22, 2021 02:53AM)
There are several good options out there, the important question is how much handling it needs to take as some finishes (such as Alclad lacquers or graphite powder) give amazing finish but don't take a beating (and clear-coating is a tricky business with them). Good option would be to use semi-gloss paint on it, and then dry-brush metallic paint on it. Likely you need "heightened reality" here; a plain steel pipe from a distance may not read as metal very well. Of course, the way you handle it adds to the effect. Here's a few videos on the subject:





Message: Posted by: makeupguy (Jul 6, 2021 02:01PM)
I have a way to paint PVC... so that the paint becomes a part of the PVC, but it's toxic as heck. I won't tip it here as it's the method I used to paint my BarbWire trick... and I don't want anyone trying to use it with just a window open... this needs to really be done in a spray booth. Direct Message me
Message: Posted by: Michael Baker (Jul 6, 2021 09:25PM)
Rustoleum has a specialty paint for plastic, including PVC.
Find a good base coat, then add a secondary color to give it some depth. Finally, a touch here and there with a red primer will simulate rust oxidation, giving it a more realistic appearance.