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Topic: Garrett Thomas - Try This At Home Index By Issue
Message: Posted by: mantel (Jul 11, 2021 01:52AM)
[b]Garrett Thomas - Try This At Home Index By Issue[/b]

1. in-depth look at the fake take

2. Card Spin

3. Coin production

4. Effects of adding emotion to your magic

5. Breaking down the moves to make your magic flow

6. Two-fisted magic: developing sleight ability in both hands

7. explanation of pen through coin switch

8. Taking your magic to new heights

9. The shell is tougher than you think

10. Give your pinky a workout with the pinky coin palm

11. “method” behind the magic, courtesy of Bob Fitch

12. discover the magical moments within your magic

13. why are you doing that?

14. Practice techniques for a better Top Change

15. What to do with a gaffed card

16. better way to use the magicians force

19. going full tilt with this move!

23. something new with the Svengali deck

24. matching your decks

28. CRITICISM! Part 1 (with Mathieu Bich)

29. CRITICISM! Part 2 (with Mathieu Bich)

34. how to get "out"

38. options and strategies for the "Classic Discrepancy!”

39. importance of procedures and how they can improve even the simplest routines

42. "musical score" to help orchestrate a routine

43. misdirection of the mind

47. new strategy for organizing your effects

48. “More or Less” concept to help you choose which effects to perform

50. emphasizes emphasis: using a mental spotlight to create emphasis for your audiences

51. take a mentalist trick and turn it into mental magic

52. importance of being your own Mr. Miyagi, building muscle memory to streamline your movements

53. In an ironic twist, what we have lost being at home over the last several months and what we can work on.