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Message: Posted by: Vercetti (Jul 21, 2021 05:02PM)
Hello everybody. I am happy to be part of this magical community that has always been a reference reading for me before buying any product.

My name is Francesco, I am a magician from Acapulco, Mexico who has worked full time as a close-up magician in restaurants and cocktail parties (Weddings, social parties) for 16 years.

Three years ago I started my transition to Mentalism, and I started working doing events for more than 100 people.

Currently I am still working on the close-up, but I am more focused on mental magic, which I intend to dedicate myself to full time.

Magical greetings from Acapulco, México. (And sorry for My Bad English).
Message: Posted by: Boomer (Jul 21, 2021 08:39PM)

Welcome to The Magic Café.

What/who do you like in Mentalism?

I've been reading quite a bit of Cassidy and Osterlind, but recently picked up Orion by Phedon Bilek.

Still in the 1st chapter, but it's enjoyable reading.

Message: Posted by: Vercetti (Jul 22, 2021 01:02AM)
Nice to meet you Dave.

I like mentalism because I love the emotional impact on viewers. I have been working with Acidous Novus for 10 years (I learned it in Stigmata from Wayne Houchin, then I perfected it a bit by studying Peek Performances), then I switched to Ran Pink's wonderful center tear (Think Pink), and I'm currently looking for the ideal wallet(I have the Spionagge, the Shadow, the Hideout -modified with the filter of an eyephone- and tomorrow I get the Climax).

I have studied Banachek's Psy Series (which I see as a benchmark in many fields of mentalism), I read Dee Christopher's Deep Shadows (I really like Dee and Lewis LeVal's work), I have had the opportunity to see the Penguin Live of Dee Christopher, Morgan Strebler, Manos, Marc Paul, etc.

I have Richard Osterlind's Mental Miracles (although I have not studied it thoroughly), I read Tony Corinda's 13 Steps, and I am currently studying Max Maven's PRISM (Spanish version:D ) and Fundamentals by Bob Cassidy.

As you can see, I am very new to mentalism, but I hope to get to learn a lot from it, my purpose for next year is to master cold reading and master PW and NW (currently I do not get the first, and the second I can only write legibly numbers).

Thanks again, and again an apology for my bad English.

Magical greetings!
Message: Posted by: AnthonyCC (Jul 28, 2021 10:16PM)
Welcome to the Café!