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Topic: KIDabra Virtual Conference 2021
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Aug 13, 2021 04:37PM)
Coming up next week is the 2021 KIDabra Virtual Conference. August 18-21, 2021 (Wednesday to Saturday).

Final Schedule: https://www.kidabra.org/2021-schedule

Register here: https://www.kidabra.org/register-kidabra

When you register, you get access to a special "closed" Facebook Group, where you can watch the videos for a full year after the event.

Last year, there were also special Zoom hangouts in between the lectures and shows. And I've heard they're planning the same for this year.

- Donald
Message: Posted by: Donald Dunphy (Aug 15, 2021 11:53AM)
I haven't seen this mentioned in a while.

KIDabra International used to be an organization where you would pay annual membership dues, and also receive a magazine, 6 issues per year (printed version for a few years, and then an e-book version for a few years). The organization was launched in August 2005. It kind of dwindled off at the end. KIDabra Journal 10.4 was sent in June 2016, KIDabra Journal 10.5 was sent in August 2016, KIDabra Journal 10.6 was sent in November 2016, KIDabra Journal 11.1 was sent in May 2017, and KIDabra Journal 11.2 was sent in November 2017. (Note - I have ebook versions of 7.1-11.2 in my collection, and printed copies of the earlier magazines.) [b]Then the organization and the magazine came to an end.[/b] When the organization existed, the Magic Café hosts once decided to make a KIDabra specific area, like they have an IBM and a SAM specific area. That is why some of Dennis' pinned links above no longer work, such as paid membership or magazines.

Mark and Tami Daniel ran the annual KIDabra conference before they decided to make the KIDabra organization. They ran the annual conference while the organization existed. And they continue to run the conference now that the organization no longer exists. It started out in 1992 as the International Festival of Children's Magicians.

This year's conference is the KIDabra Conference's 30th Anniversary.

- Donald

P.S. Part of the reason that the magazine came to an end was they were having problems with article contributors (like myself) missing deadlines. So they weren't able to publish on time, or had to publish a thinner magazine.