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Topic: Intro
Message: Posted by: Rhewin (Sep 5, 2021 11:34PM)
Hobbyist slowly moving into more regular performance.

I was into magic in the mid 2000s, but my parents didn't want to spend any money on magic shops. They also didn't like how magic could be "demonic". I learned some basics online, but ultimately didn't pursue it. At least at that time the internet wasn't full of reveal videos. I just enjoyed the few effects I did know and watched others perform instead.

Four years ago my passion was reignited when I noticed my then-1-year-old daughter was for some reason captivated by performances on Fool Us. I thought it might be cool if dad could do something like the people on TV. Unlike before, I had my own money to start learning things and really did commit. I'm happy to say she absolutely loves an ambitious card routine that is seemingly triggered by her clapping.

At this point I lean further toward mental effects. I don't have the motivation to learn or compete with the cardistry flourishes that seem to be more common in street magic. I also have found with my own style, people respond well to me doing memory routines, predictions, and ACAAN.

I perform mostly on social occasions, but have done a couple of corporate events for my own company. I'm starting to move into more performances and am looking into charity performances. I also have an unhealthy addiction to collecting playing card decks. I refuse to ever calculate how much I've spent on them...
Message: Posted by: Fromentum (Sep 19, 2021 04:56AM)
Don't we all have an unhealthy relation to cards? :-)

Welcome to the anonymous card addicts ;-)