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Topic: Magic in the Wasteland
Message: Posted by: dorian_faust (Sep 13, 2021 09:16AM)
There's an event coming up called Wasteland Weekend. Imagine living as a character in a post-apocalyptic setting ( la Mad Max, Fallout, etc.), what kind of magic/routines do you think would be perfect for that kind of environment?
Message: Posted by: Habbrock (Nov 1, 2021 03:13PM)
Con games for sure.
Anything that produced something of value, water leaps instantly to mind.
Restorations since new items would be in scarce supply.
Message: Posted by: bubbles (Nov 4, 2021 11:55AM)
Production of rats and roaches rather than rabbits and doves.
Message: Posted by: bubbles (Nov 4, 2021 11:58AM)
Empty can of Dinki Di dog food is magically refilled with dog food, then eaten.